Portrait of our Company

The Kelag concern is one of the leading energy service providers in Austria. Subsidiaries of the concern are actively engaged in the fields of electricity, district heating and natural gas. Kelag, founded in 1923, has comprehensive experience in the areas of energy production, procurement, distribution and sales of grid-bound power.


As a large energy producer, Kelag belongs to an elite group of Austrian companies generating power from water. Our subsidiary Kärnten Netz has the responsibility of operating and distributing gas and power to the Carinthian region of Austria. As the Austrian market leader of district heating, Kelag Energie & Wärme delivers heat generated biologically and recycles industrial waste heat. And, to manage our international business, there is Kelag International.


Value-Oriented Growth Strategy


Kelag and its subsidiaries have pursued the strategic goals of growth and innovation on the basis of renewable energy in Austria and abroad. Through these efforts our concern supports and respects the climate protection goals of the European Union. Utilizing the benefits of our comprehensive know-how we have intensified our investments into hydro-power generation, wind energy, district heating, bio-mass energy as well as other renewable energy sources including the recycling of industrial waste heat.


With our initiative “Generation Klimaschutz“ (Climate Protection Generation) we have established awareness-raising activities for a responsible connection to energy.

"What we do, is sustainable!"

With a corporate revenue of about 1.061 million EUR and over 1,578 qualified personnel (2020) Kelag is a leading business in Carinthia, Austria.

Market Success

Since the opening of the electricity market in Austria in 2001, we have seized the opportunity to consistently develop, strengthen and maintain our market position.

In the past the Carinthian market was very stable. At the same time we were able to secure new customers in numerous new markets. Especially strong growth was realized with energy trading and the optimisation of controllable production capacities. Through the opening of the natural gas market we achieved even greater success by winning new customers and expanding our market.  District Heating has also become a key part of our business through the use of BIO energy and industrial waste heat.

The primary reasons for our success in the free market are our customer orientation and our service orientation. In addition to our attractive products, we also provide quick response service to our individual customers and customer groups by offering value-added service through energy consulting and energy management services. Additionally, we are always working on innovative solutions for our customers today and the future - i.e. E-mobility. Especially interesting is the expansion of our online-services. Many pilot projects are already underway so that we will be able to deliver even better service in the near future.

"What we do, is innovative!"

About 200,000 customers, about 100,000 PlusClub-members, about 4,000 energy consultations per year

Employee and Staff

Our highly-qualified personnel are a crucial factor for the economic success of our company. The large majority of our more than 1,578 employees are active members of a large technical and business support staff. Life-long training of our employees and staff is of utmost importance at Kelag in order that we are able to fullfill the constantly changing needs and requirements of our customers and today's business environment.


At our central apprentice training facility in St. Veit an der Glan, Austria, we train future electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, metalworking technicians, and office personnel. We recruit the best of these graduates to add to and provide the next generation of powerful teams. By providing this unique training we actively contribute not only to the future of the student but also to the region and the economy.

"What we do, is reliable!"

Kelag is one of the largest training organisations in Carinthia, Austria, with approximately 8 % of our staff actively working as apprentices.


"What we do, has tradition!"


  • 1923 Establishment of Kärntner Wasserkraftwerke (KÄWAG), the legal predecessor of Kelag
  • 1948 Fusion of Kelag with five municipal power stations
  • 1962 Commencement of construction for the Fragant power station group
  • 1972 Entrance into the natural gas business via the acquisition of Kärntner Ferngas GmbH
  • 1989 Entered into the district heating market
  • 1999 Aquired Wärmebetriebe Gesellschaft m. b. H.
  • 2001 Electricity market liberalisation and development of energy trading activities
  • 2005 Kärnten Netz assumes responsibility for strategic operational activities
  • 2007 Aquisition of Österreichische Fernwärmegesellschaft m. b. H.
  • 2008 Establishment of Kelag Energie & Wärme through the fusion of Wärmebetriebe Gesellschaft m. b. H. and Österreichische Fernwärmegesellschaft m. b. H.
  • 2010 Participation in the pump-storage power station, Reißeck II
  • 2011 Phase one development of the Feldsee pump-storage power station and inauguration of phase two. Construction commencement of the Koralpe pump-storage power station.
  • 2013 Renaming of KELAG Netz GmbH to KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH