Our subsidiary Kärnten Netz operates and manages our networks for energy and natural gas distribution in Carinthia, Austria, and provides the network infrastructure discrimination free to all customers and energy suppliers. The primary responsibilities of Kärnten Netz are the operations management, maintenance management, disruption management and development of  a demand-oriented distribution network of electricity and natural gas. Kärnten Netz is also engaged in several pilot projects in the fields of Smart Metering and E-mobility.


Kärnten Netz is a fully certified network operator by receiving both the Technischen Sicherheitsmanagements (TSM) (technical safety management) certification and Zertifizierter Gasnetzbetreiber (certified gas network operator) certification. By successfully passing the technical trials and examination process we can rightfully say that we meet and or exceed operation regulations and laws for electricity and gas distribution. At the same time, we provide a high security network and high quality service throughout the entire delivery process. Thus providing a high quality, reliable service for our customers.


Kärnten Netz manages an electrical network of around 18,300 km of electricity grid, 47 electrical substations and approximately 7,400 transformer stations. Our natural gas network covers around 820 km of pipe and 34 pressure reduction stations. An extensive communications network allows Kärnten Netz to centrally manage the 110-kV and the 20-kV networks from their control center located in Klagenfurt, Austria.


The activities of Kärnten Netz are subject to and comply with all legal regulating authorities and laws regulating the distribution of electricity and natural gas within the free market in Austria.

Electricity distribution grid:


  • around 18,300 km electricity grid
  • 47 substations
  • 7,400 transformer stations



Natural gas distribution grid:

  • around 820 km natural gas grid
  • 34 reducing stations