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Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

“What we do, is oriented for the future!“

Renewable Energy: Growth and Innovation
The initiative „Wasserkraft Kärnten“ (Carinthian Water Power) intensifies our generation of energy through water power.  Thus we ensure independence for the Carinthian power supply and establish regional value. In relationship to the rising needs of our customers, we upgrade and strengthen our electrical and natural gas distribution networks in Carinthia in order to ensure the reliability of the power supply for the future. Through our „Bioenergie“ initiative we invest in the production of district heating and green energy.

We provide and share our Know-how in select neighboring countries and in southeast Europe in order to accelerate and reinforce the use of the renewable energy sources, water and wind power.

Improving Energy Efficiency
Simultaneously we are fulfilling our responsibility to maximize energy efficiency. This goal targets not only our own production and distribution facilities but also includes our client's facilities. By providing tailor-made energy services and consultations, our customers are able to use energy as economically and environmentally responsibly as possible. By working together we are all able to do our part in reaching critical environmental protection goals.

Climate Protection Generation
Our strategic direction is also defined in our initiative “Generation Klimaschutz“. With this initiative, we want to exemplify the responsible and efficient use of energy in the minds of our customers even more strongly and to make a substantial contribution to climate protection.


Our strategic direction, a solid financial structure and our highly-qualified staff that will produce consistent growth for our future.