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company. With  a  broad  and  attractive  product range,  an   turbines, we are today avoiding around 120,000 tonnes of
           expanded offering of comprehensive energy solutions for   CO2 per year compared to electrical power generation from
           households, companies and residential buildings as well as   fossil fuels. We consider it our duty to raise awareness for
           targeted  customer  retention,  we  have  succeeded  in   the expansion of renewable energies and to demonstrate –
           maintaining our strong competitive position in the market.   as seen in the “Generation Klimaschutz” (climate protection
           In the financial year 2019, we also made intensive use of   generation) campaign – how sustainable action can work in
           content commerce as an online sales channel to provide   everyday life. This is why we have also decided to support
           the  various  customer  groups  with  the  best  possible   the climate initiative. We need binding principles so that
           information  and  offers  in  the  future,  to  draw  potential   environmentally friendly behaviour is encouraged and we
           customers’ attention to relevant topics and involve them in   can  assume  our  responsibility  to  provide  sustainable
           a potential buying process early on.          energy.   Sustainability   and   acknowledging   social
                                                         responsibility for us also means meeting the demands of
           Freitag:  Another  focus  in  2019  was  on  continuing  our   modern  human  resources  management.  We  work  to
           digitalisation strategy. In addition to several digitalisation   implement  a  range  of  measures  on  balancing  work  and
           measures in the corporate functions and the digital trainee   family life and systematically invest in ongoing training for
           programme, we held a “Digital Day” event for the first time,   our employees. This year, the “audit berufundfamilie” (work-
           at  which  employees  received  first-hand  information  on   and-family audit) once again honoured KELAG’s efforts on
           current  digitalisation  topics  and  projects  in  the  KELAG   balancing  work  and  family  life  with  certification  as  a
           Group. Another important area of focus for the next few   “family-friendly  company”.  In  the  financial  year  2019,  we
           years  is  the  preparation  for  SAP  S/4  HANA.  We  expect   also  began  expanding  the  training  centres  of  our
           extensive  opportunities  for  the  optimisation  and   apprentice school in St. Veit an der Glan to meet the future
           simplification  of  business  processes  through  the   demands placed on training programmes.
           conversion. SAP S/4HANA is an essential building block on
           the road to the successful digital future of our company. In
           Carinthia, we have also established ourselves as an ideal
           and reliable partner for ultra-fast fibre-optic Internet. The
                                                         Wiersma: Strict emission limits for vehicle fleets and new
           demand for 100% fibre-optic Internet provided by Kelag-
                                                         technologies are getting the market moving. Established
           Connect  is  steadily  increasing,  and  we  connected  more
                                                         manufacturers  are  increasingly  developing  electric  mass
           well-known companies throughout Carinthia to the fibre-
                                                         production  vehicles.  At  the  same  time,  battery
           optic network in the financial year 2019.
                                                         manufacturers  are  working  on  improving  battery
                                                         technology,  which  should enable longer ranges  but cost
                                                         less. We  are  working  systematically  on  the  expansion  of
                                                         public  charging  infrastructure  concentrating  on  rapid
                                                         charging  infrastructure  near  road  networks  classified  as
           Freitag: We all have to take action, as each and every one
                                                         higher-ranking.  To  date,  around  1,200  customers  have
           of us can and must contribute to climate protection. For
                                                         concluded automotive electricity agreements with KELAG.
           KELAG, as the leading energy service provider in Austria,
                                                         Together with business partners, we implemented the first
           the   journey   towards   an   energy   efficient   and
                                                         project  for  e-mobility  in  residential  units  in  Carinthia  in
           environmentally friendly future began some time ago. We
                                                         2019. The residential unit is fully prepared for e-mobility –
           supply our customers with electricity stemming exclusively
                                                         residents can thus charge their electric vehicles directly in
           from hydroelectric power and green energy. With our wind
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