Page 80 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 80

Climate change has become the defining issue. That is why
                                                                  we  will  promote  and  communicate  our  commitment  to
                    Complex and ever-changing framework conditions require
                                                                  climate  protection  and  renewable  energies  even  more
                    efficient structures, a willingness to embrace change and a
                                                                  intensively in 2020. Our aim is to concentrate purposely on
                    high capacity for innovation. New technologies offer great
                                                                  our  entrepreneurial  activities  geared  to  sustainability  in
                    opportunities in the areas of the integration of renewable
                                                                  order to clearly develop and further enhance KELAG’s green
                    energies into the energy system, developing new energy
                                                                  image. In addition, we will show our customers how they
                    services and comprehensive customer focus. The objective
                                                                  can make a contribution to climate protection.
                    is to develop energy solutions that are efficient, innovative
                    and,  above  all,  geared  to  customer  needs,  among  other
                                                                  We are intensifying the open and equal dialogue with our
                    things. Partnerships with strategic partners and newcomers
                                                                  stakeholders regarding the opportunities and risks of the
                    to the industry are being intensified and new technologies
                                                                  new energy concept and our entrepreneurial activity.
                    in innovation projects tested in order to build up key future
                    competencies. The focus of innovation activities is on pilot
                    projects in the area of decentralised energy supply as well
                    as the further development of the growth fields related to
                    the core business e-mobility, photovoltaics, energy services   In addition to our sustainable, entrepreneurial positioning,
                    and broadband expansion.                      consistent  market  and  customer  orientation,  operational
                                                                  excellence, cost management as well as digitalisation and
                    Digitalisation will continue to play a key role in the coming   the  improvement  of  our  innovative  capacity  are  key
                    year. Measures identified in the digital maturity assessment   management  tasks  in  order  to  ensure  the  flexibility  and
                    will be successively implemented and incorporated in the   future sustainability of our company. In this context, we are
                    digitalisation strategy in the form of initiatives in various   continuing  the  “kelag2025”  development  project  in  a
                    areas.  After  the  completion  of  the  first  digital  trainee   targeted manner. In the future, we will align our products,
                    programme  in  summer  2020,  in  which  20  digitalisation   processes  and  organisation  even  more  closely  with  the
                    measures  will  be  implemented,  a  new  programme  will   market,  examine  their  efficiency  and  adapt  them  to
                    begin in the autumn. Together with targeted incentives for   economic  requirements  in  a  continuous  improvement
                    learning, the digital competencies in the company are thus   process.  Moreover,  we  will  continue  to  structure  the
                    to be strengthened and at the same time further innovative   optimal  capital  allocation  of  our  finances  in  a  targeted
                    digitalisation projects promoted.             manner. We also continue to evolve as an innovative energy
                                                                  service  provider  and  consistently  and  systematically
                                                                  enhance  our  product  and  service  portfolio  in  line  with
                                                                  changing customer requirements.

                    KELAG continues to focus on the use and expansion of the
                    entire  spectrum  of  renewable  energy  sources.  We  are
                    deliberately committed  to  sustainability  in  our corporate
                    philosophy and in our entrepreneurial activity. We aim to be
                    able  to  strike  an  optimal  balance  between  business
                    stability,  supply  reliability,  climate  protection  and  social
                    responsibility for the long term.
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