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Netz  GmbH  implemented  an  extensive  investment  and   and  efficient  technology  for  generating  electricity  from
                    maintenance programme in the medium and low-voltage   renewable  sources.  Austria  and  especially  Carinthia  offer
                    grids  aimed  at  continuing  to  guarantee  the  security  of   great potential for suitable locations for the utilisation of
                    electricity  supply  in  Carinthia  at  the  premium  quality  to   wind power. In Carinthia, the focus of electricity generation
                    which  customers  are  accustomed.  Examples  include  the   has  always  been  on  hydroelectric  power.  But  if  we  are
                    newly constructed substation in Gmünd, the renewal of the   serious about decarbonisation and if we are to succeed in
                    Radenthein  substation  and  the  continuation  of   phasing out fossil fuels, we have to double our electricity
                    construction for the 220/110 kV Villach Süd substation and   production in the long term. That means that we will have
                    the associated 110 kV line connection.        to produce an additional four to five billion kilowatt-hours
                                                                  of  electricity  from renewable sources  of energy. This  can
                                                                  only be done with a balanced mix of hydroelectric power,
                                                                  photovoltaic power and wind power.
                    Wiersma:  For  ten  years  now,  KELAG’s  international
                                                                  Freitag: For the urgently needed expansion of renewable
                    activities in the fields of hydroelectric power, wind power
                                                                  energy,  it  is  necessary  to  utilise  wind  power  at  suitable
                    and  photovoltaic  power  as  well  as  energy  trading  have
                                                                  locations. The selection of potential locations and the scope
                    been bundled at KI-KELAG International GmbH. Building on
                                                                  of the project is always made in consideration of people,
                    this  successful  basis,  we  will  increasingly  focus  our
                                                                  nature  and  the  landscape.  Any  potential  impact  on  the
                    attention on European countries in the future. The KELAG
                                                                  environment  is  scrutinised  and  reviewed  in  the  official
                    Group currently has a total of 13 hydroelectric power plants
                                                                  procedures  of  public  authorities.  Examples  such  as  the
                    operating in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo
                                                                  Nikitsch wind farm and existing projects in Alpine regions
                    with a total installed capacity of around 52 MW. This year,
                                                                  demonstrate that the concerns and reservations regarding
                    the Jasenice wind farm in Croatia with a capacity of 10 MW
                                                                  wind power are largely unfounded. Quite the contrary: With
                    was connected to the electricity grid after a construction
                                                                  proper planning and the involvement of communities, such
                    period of just a few months. Various locations abroad are
                                                                  projects make a positive contribution to the development
                    currently being evaluated for the further expansion of wind
                                                                  of the region and add value in the process.
                    power.  Several  small-scale  photovoltaic  plants  with  an
                    installed capacity totalling around 4 MW are operated in
                    Slovenia.  We  also  see  growth  potential  here.  All  these
                    examples  demonstrate  our  successful  international
                                                                  Wiersma: Over the past few years, KELAG has developed
                    activities.  We  will  systematically  continue  to  pursue  this
                                                                  successfully  in  spite  of  the  difficult  conditions  in  the
                    path to a green energy future in neighbouring countries,
                                                                  economy and the energy industry. Different goals, such as
                    because climate protection does not stop at our borders.
                                                                  performance,  customer  focus,  innovation,  digitalisation
                                                                  and  sustainability,  have  guided  us  to  date  in  our
                                                                  comprehensive programme of measures and development
                                                                  project  kelag2025.  Again  in  the  financial  year  2019,  we
                    Wiersma: We have been active in the area of wind power   made  progress  on  process  optimisation,  identified
                    for almost ten years now. In total, we currently have six wind   potential  for  boosting  efficiency  and  systematically
                    farms  with  36  wind  turbines  in  operation  or  under   pursued our strategy of value-based organic growth and
                    construction.  We  can  thus  supply  around  50,000   innovation.  We  are  increasingly  seeing  that  the  green,
                    households with green electricity. Wind power is a clean   digital and electric future is an established practice in our
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