Page 79 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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As an innovative energy service provider, KELAG provides
                                                         attractive offerings and consistently enhances its product
                                                         and  services  portfolio.  New  technologies  and  changed
                                                         customer requirements relating to energy, in particular, are
           Fiercer  competition,  changed  market  conditions,  new   major drivers of product innovation. As part of the sales
           customer  requirements  and  complex  conditions  in  the   drive, collaborations on sales activities throughout Austria
           energy sector still present considerable challenges for the   continue to be expanded and greater emphasis placed on
           traditional  business  model  of  energy  providers.  Efficient   online  offers.  The  continuous  further  development  of
           structures, the willingness to innovate, digitalise business   Internet self-services allows customers to manage a variety
           and  expand  renewable  energies  are  key  action  areas  for   of matters easily.
           KELAG’s successful further development.
                                                         The  project  on  content  commerce  as  an  online  sales
           Building  on  our  value-based  growth  and  innovation   channel  is  designed  to  provide  the  various  customer
           strategy  based  on  renewable  energies  and  a  focus  on   groups for commodity and Energy+ products with optimal
           energy  efficiency,  we  continued  our  group-wide   information  in  order  to  draw  their  attention  to  relevant
           “kelag2025 – Wir gestalten Zukunft” (kelag2025 – We are   topics  early  on.  Ongoing  process  optimisation  is  one  of
           shaping  the  future)  development  project  in  a  targeted   KELAG’s major goals to get customers involved along the
           manner  in  the  financial  year  2019  to  futureproof  our   customer journey.
           business going forward. The focus of our business activity is
           on the improvement of our performance and innovation   According  to  the  slogan  “The  future  of  energy  is  green,
           culture,  cost  management  and  business  process   digital  and  electric!”,  KELAG  offers  retail  and  business
           optimisation, active sales including product differentiation   customers  as  well  as  municipalities  attractive  financial
           as well as innovation management.             assistance  for innovative  products  from KELAG’s  product
                                                         portfolio.  The  objective  is  to  support  the  customer  in
           Despite  the  uncertainties  inherent  in  the  legal   switching  to  innovative,  energy-efficient  products  and
           requirements  relating  to  the  energy  industry  and  the   applications  to  lay  an  important  foundation  for  a  green
           overarching  trends  and  influencing  factors,  we  will   future.  Providing  targeted  support  for  households  with
           continue to pursue our strategy of value-based growth and   extremely  low  incomes  will  continue  to  be  an  integral
           innovation  in  a  targeted  manner.  A  diversified  business   component  in  the  future.  For  this  purpose,  KELAG
           portfolio is the essential basis of our stable financial and   cooperates with several welfare facilities in Carinthia.
           earnings  power,  enabling  us  to  continue  our  long-term
           investment programme in accordance with clear return and   In the financial year 2020, KELAG will again focus on the
           risk criteria. We have budgeted around EUR 190m for new   development  of  innovative  applications  and  proactively
           construction  and  maintenance  projects  for  the  financial   address  topics  such  as  smart  metering,  photovoltaics,
           year 2020. The focus will remain on hydroelectric and wind   e-mobility and energy services as well as the “Internet of
           power projects, biomass projects in the heating sector and   Things”. The goal is to further strengthen KELAG’s position
           the modernisation of grid infrastructure.     as a full-service provider for all areas of energy and energy-
                                                         related services.
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