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to  secure  sustainable  development  on  an  economic,
                                                                  ecological  and  social  level.  More  information  on  the
                                                                  measures that contribute to the SDGs can be found in the
                                                                  KELAG sustainability magazine “WERTVOLL”.
                    Compliance  in  the  KELAG  Group  stands  for  responsible
                    corporate governance in accordance with ethical principles
                    and legal requirements. Its social role and its responsibility   Respect for and protection of human rights form the basis
                    towards  customers  and  business  partners  as  well  as   for  KELAG’s  entrepreneurial  activities.  Compliance  with
                    shareholders and employees has top priority. It is therefore   legal requirements and ethical principles is a fundamental
                    committed to a set of clear principles that define how it   element. The Group operates in countries in which respect
                    conducts its business and societal actions.   for  human  rights  is  strictly  regulated,  particularly  where
                                                                  employee matters are concerned. KELAG is also committed
                    Since 2013, KELAG has supported the UN Global Compact.   to going beyond the scope of legal requirements for the
                    This requires companies to embrace, support and enact a   well-being of employees and customers.
                    set  of  core  values  in  the  areas  of  human  rights,  labour
                    standards,  environmental  protection  and  anti-corruption   Continuous  updates  of  internal  company  standards  and
                    within their sphere of influence. Businesses supporting this   guidelines  as  well  as  spot  checking  suppliers  ensure
                    are committed to making the following principles of the UN   compliance  with  existing  measures. Violations  of  human
                    Global Compact part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day   rights can be reported directly to compliance officers via
                    operations of their companies.                the compliance management system.
                                                                   GRI 412-1
                        Support and respect the protection of internationally
                        proclaimed human rights
                        Uphold the freedom of association and the effective   In all areas of entrepreneurial activity, the Group is subject
                        recognition of the right to collective bargaining;   to various laws, regulations and similar requirements. These
                        the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory   include  international  and  national  provisions  as  well  as
                        labour;                                   regional and local regulations. The minimum objective is to
                        the effective abolition of child labour; and   fully meet these requirements and always operate within
                        the elimination of discrimination in respect of   the  bounds  of  these  frequently  changing  legal  and
                        employment and occupation                 regulatory parameters. The Group is thus committed to a
                        Support a precautionary approach to environmental   set of clear principles which are outlined in the KELAG code
                        challenges                                of conduct and which define how it conducts its business
                        Undertake initiatives to promote greater   and societal actions.
                        environmental responsibility
                                                                  KELAG is open to dialogue with political parties and their
                        Encourage the development and diffusion of
                                                                  organisations.  However,  the  intent  is  not  to  support
                        environmentally friendly technologies
                                                                  political parties or members of parliament or candidates in
                        Work against corruption
                                                                  election campaigns. No financial contributions to political
                                                                  parties, political groups or political officials are made by any
                    Through its actions, KELAG also contributes significantly to
                                                                  of the KELAG Group entities.
                    the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are
                    political goals set by the United Nations that are intended   GRI 415-1
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