Page 67 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 67

both accidents on the job and accidents during leisure time.   recorded  in  addition  to  accidents  so  that  potential
           Since 2019, temporary workers have also been covered by   accidents can be avoided.
           this insurance. In addition there are framework agreements
           with  favourable  conditions  for  concluding  private  health   Each year, KELAG’s safety officer prepares a report on work-
           insurance policies.                           related accidents which takes into account all employees as
                                                         well  as  temporary  workers.  In  2018,  the  current
           Occupational safety has always been a high priority in the   development  of  the  LTIF  (Lost  time  injury  frequency)
           KELAG Group. The due diligence process is ensured by an   indicator is within the range of the target set to halve this
           established  control  organisation,  facilitating  compliance   figure every five years. A particularly noteworthy positive
           with  the  legal  requirements  pursuant  to  the  AschG.  To   development  is  the  reduction  in  the  number  of  serious
           protect all employees to the fullest extent possible, efforts   work-related accidents. Through the follow-up to the “time
           go beyond what is required by law and are supplemented   for safety” project, the number of accidents in the financial
           by  an  internal  set  of  guidelines.  In  addition  to  the   year 2019 are expected to have been further reduced.
           standardised  process  for  accidents,  various  work   GRI 403-1, 403-2
           instructions according to the specific activity (e.g., wearing
           personal safety  equipment)  and  various  other  guidelines
           are applied. By virtue of its work on high-security networks,
           KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH is given particular attention and
           was again successfully reviewed in an audit in the area of
           “electrical grids” in the financial year 2019.

           The organisational structure for the area of safety is clearly
           defined. In addition to the central occupational health and
           safety  committee  (ZASA  -  Zentralen  Arbeitsschutz-
           ausschuss)  and  the  local  occupational  health  and  safety
           committees (ASA), preventative safety and security services
           are also commissioned in the KELAG Group. The “time for
           safety” project was launched on the one hand to assess and
           evaluate  the  security  process  and  on  the  other  hand  to
           produce strategic measures. The project team, consisting of
           one member of the Board of Directors, general managers
           and  selected  managers,  meets  and  confers  on  this  on  a
           quarterly basis.

           Ongoing training, annual safety briefings, fire safety drills
           and raising awareness in a targeted manner are the main
           pillars of a safe working environment. These are recorded
           and  analysed  by  the  safety  officer  for  the  prevention  of
           work-related  accidents. The  result  is  a  risk/event  analysis
           and  measures  for  risk  prevention  based  on  this.  In
           accordance  with  the  guidelines,  “near  misses”  are  also
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