Page 66 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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Various  team  workshops,  team  meetings,  surveys  and    “Healthy canteen” and a fruit and vegetable regimen
                    employee  performance  reviews  ensure  that  employees   during the fasting period (Lent)
                    actively participate in healthcare promotion.     “Take the stairs” campaign
                                                                      Energy massages
                     GRI 403-4, 403-6
                                                                      “Take a break” screen pop-ups
                                                                      Annual “Gesundheitsstraße” (road to good health)
                                                                      Psychosocial health: “hinschauen-handeln-helfen”
                    KELAG  has  made  the  transition  from  occupational   (look-act-help) – brochures and occupational mental
                    healthcare  promotion  to  corporate  health  management.   health and wellbeing consulting services, if required
                    Some of the healthcare projects have been implemented   GRI 403-6
                    and  integrated  into  regular  operations.  Management
                    structures  have  been  set  up,  in  particular,  a  corporate
                    health  management  steering  and  decision-making
                    committee  and  an  operational  and  strategic  corporate   The  occupational  healthcare  programme  includes
                    health  management  team,  which  administers  a  fixed   measures  and  services  for  occupational  health  that  go
                    healthcare  budget.  The  three  pillars  “occupational   beyond  the  scope  of  services  legally  required  by  Sec. 79
                    healthcare  promotion”,  “occupational  health  and  safety”   ASchG [“ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz”: Austrian law on
                    “operational  integration”  form  the  basis  of  all   employee   protection].   Two   occupational   health
                    communication.  The  occupational  healthcare  promotion   professionals (one male and one female) are available for
                    project  was  certified  for  the  first  time  in  2017  and   consultation  in  accordance  with  prescribed  preventive
                    recognised once again receiving the “BGF-Gütesiegel 2020   schedules.
                    bis  2022“  (occupational  healthcare  promotion  seal  of   GRI 403-2, 403-3
                    approval 2020 to 2022). The “BGF-Gütesiegel” is one of the
                    highest  national  awards  for  occupational  healthcare   Information  concerning  occupational  health,  such  as
                    promotion in Austria. It is awarded only to those companies   preventive  measures  during  the  influenza  season  and
                    that   have   implemented   occupational   healthcare   health tips on hot weather and skin care, is made available
                    promotion in  accordance  with  the  quality  criteria  of  the   continuously  in  order  to  raise  awareness  among
                    Austrian  occupational  healthcare  promotion  network   employees.  Within  the  scope  of  regular  workplace
                    (Österreichischen Netzwerks BGF - ÖNBGF).     inspections, the prime concern is the personal consultation
                     GRI 403-1                                    of many employees on acute medical issues. Further regular
                                                                  services  range  from  vaccination  campaigns  to  regular
                                                                  screenings  (e.g.,  vein  health,  blood  pressure,  blood
                                                                  sugar/cholesterol levels) through to health campaigns. The
                    In 2019, numerous services and measures geared to target   occupational  health  professionals  participate  in  the
                    groups were implemented for all employees in the areas of   occupational safety meetings and are represented in the
                    psychosocial health, healthy diets and physical exercise as   “corporate health management” team.
                    part of occupational healthcare promotion. In addition to
                                                                   GRI 403-8
                    measures  to  raise  awareness  on  a  wide  range  of  health
                    topics,  employees  were  able  to  take  advantage  of  the
                                                                  KELAG also takes on responsibility for employees when it
                    following services, among others:
                                                                  comes  to  financial  protection  in  times  of  personal  crisis.
                                                                  There is a collective accident insurance available that covers
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