Page 65 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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corporate culture to achieve the KELAG strategy. In 2019,   to the headquarters for comprehensive training, a digital
           structured learning trips to companies were made with the   conference solution in the training division offers savings in
           aim of transferring “best practice examples” from within the   travel  costs  and  travel  time  and  actively  contributes  to
           Group  into  internal  solutions.  In  the  team  leader   climate and environmental protection.
           programme, the focus was on the further development of   GRI 404-2
           leadership  skills.  Both  programmes  encourage  cross-
           division networking. Apart from the leadership and team   In  the  employee  performance  review,  feedback  on  the
           leader  programme,  further  development  measures  for   employee’s performance is given, focusing on promoting
           “Leadership  4.0”  in  the  context  of  new  working   achievement  potential  as  well  as  a  plan  for  employee
           environments/digitalisation   are   continuously   being   development. According to the company agreement, the
           implemented, developing the mindset to sustain change   employee performance review is held once a year with each
           capability.                                   employee.  Individual  skill  assessments  as  well  as  the
                                                         targeted  development  of  high  potentials  are  also
           As part of “operational excellence” as a further personnel   implemented as part of the talent management process. In
           development objective, all employees were offered basic   addition,  further  training  needs  are  assessed  in  all
           and advanced training based on their individual areas of   departments  of  the  company  on  an  ongoing  basis  and
           responsibility  and  personnel  development  needs.  For   targeted development measures are implemented based
           example, traditional project management was extended to   on these assessments.
           include  a  hybrid  approach  to  project  management,  and
           customer-oriented,  agile  methods  were  tested.  Further
           measures on enhancing social and communication skills as
           well   as   team   development   programmes   were
           implemented.  Further  development  measures  specific  to
           target groups were realised, for example for employees in
                                                         Promoting  and maintaining  the  health  of employees  are
           sales,  in  assembly  and  for  “digital  trainees”.  The  latter
                                                         essential components of the KELAG corporate culture. The
           received  training  in  the  areas  of  automation/process
                                                         company sets great store by providing  the best possible
           optimisation,   Big   Data/Analytics,   portals/platforms,
                                                         support to its employees through occupational healthcare
           robotics/sensor   technology   and     mobile
                                                         promotion at a professional level, to prevent illnesses and
                                                         to improve, boost and maintain health and wellbeing at the
                                                         workplace in the long term.
           Following  the  successful  adaptation  of  personnel
           development  priorities  in  keeping  with  the  company’s
                                                         With the signing of the charter for occupational health and
           strategic  alignment,  new  digital  formats  of  learning,  in
                                                         the  official  launch  of  the  occupational  healthcare
           addition to other existing solutions, have been in place in
                                                         promotion project in 2013, the company sent out a clear
           the Group. In-house developments in e-learning have been
                                                         signal for the implementation of a comprehensive concept
           applied  to  offer  new  employees  the  opportunity  to
                                                         for healthcare promotion in existing structures. Numerous
           familiarise themselves with the strategic alignment of the
                                                         activities and projects have been successfully carried out
           company. Further e-learning solutions were developed, for
                                                         over the past few years. Key topics of focus are primarily the
           example,  for  compliance  and  IT  security.  This  enables
                                                         areas  of  extended  employee  protection,  occupational
           employees to learn independent of time and location. To
                                                         healthcare,  nutrition,  physical  exercise  and  psychosocial
           avoid employees from all regions of Austria having to come
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