Page 64 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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pay gap between women and men. Emphasis is also placed   planned  measure  from  2020  onwards  is  to  offer  more
                    on non-discrimination and equal opportunity with regard   mobile working opportunities for employees, so long as it
                    to  religious  denomination.  Compliance  officers  in  the   is compatible with the respective activity.
                    company are the points of contact for acts of discrimination
                    and other breaches of the code of conduct.

                     GRI 405-1
                                                                  The  strategic  alignment  of  the  company  and  of  the
                    Family-friendly conditions also promote diversity and equal
                                                                  departments as well as the individual development needs
                    opportunity.  The  company  has  now  held  the  “family-
                                                                  of  employees  serve  as  the  basis  for  targeted  personnel
                    friendly  company“  certificate  from  the  “berufundfamilie”
                                                                  development priorities. Future competencies conducive to
                    (work-and-family)  audit  since  the  autumn  of  2013.  A
                                                                  achieving  business  objectives  are  identified.  These
                    successful  re-certification  process  took  place  in  2019.
                                                                  competencies provide a basis and guidance for identifying
                    Creating family-friendly working conditions is recognised
                                                                  development needs in the departments. Within the scope
                    as  a  key  factor  for  promoting  employee  satisfaction.  To
                                                                  of  these  personnel  development  objectives,  particular
                    ensure the continuous improvement of working conditions
                                                                  focus in the financial year 2019 was placed on building and
                    as well as safeguard the rights of employees, there is regular
                                                                  promoting digital competencies.
                    communication  between  employee  representatives  and
                    employer representatives on the topic of balancing work
                                                                  The evaluation of the measures implemented is used as a
                    and family life. In the financial year 2019, a parental leave
                                                                  basis  for  the  continuous  optimisation  of  the  transfer  of
                    guide was developed as one of our action priorities. In this
                                                                  learning in everyday work situations. To increase learning
                    way, KELAG would like to support expectant mothers and
                                                                  efficiency  and  effectiveness,  e-learning  and  blended
                    fathers in this special phase of life. The new parental leave
                                                                  learning  solutions  as  well  as  “training  on  the  job”  were
                    guide  supports  parents  particularly  in  the  planning
                                                                  promoted. Tools for in-house knowledge sharing, such as
                    certainty of starting and ending their parental leave.
                                                                  mentor  programmes  and  learning  circles,  were  also
                                                                  In the financial year 2019, 1,216 employees participated in
                    Balancing work and family life is an important component
                                                                  3,448 training days.
                    of  future-orientated  and  modern  human  resources
                    management.  For  this  reason,  flexitime  options  with
                    shortened  core  working  hours,  the  family  leave  bonus,
                    parental leave options and flexible working time models for
                    resuming  work  after  a  leave  are  some  of  the  measures
                    actively  offered.  Balancing  work  and  family  life  is  also
                    reinforced  by  KELAG  through  measures  for  managing
                    childcare. Every year during the summer holidays, half-day
                    or  full-day  childcare  with  sport  activities  is  offered  at  a

                    favourable  price  for  employees’  children.  Since  2014,  the   GRI 404-1
                    KELAG  child  daycare centre  “Energiebündel”  has made  it
                    easier for employees to resume work after their parental
                    leave. The opening hours – all day and all year round – are   Within  the  scope  of  a  long-term,  group-wide  leadership
                    coordinated in line with the working hours at KELAG. One   programme,  focus  is  placed  on  further  developing
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