Page 63 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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provided as a sign of appreciation and considered to be an
           investment  in  the  further  personal  development  of   As  an  attractive  employer,  KELAG  enjoys  a  high  level  of
           employees. Employees discuss their position in the merit   employee loyalty. Employee turnover in the reporting year
           grid  with  their  manager  once  year  in  the  employee   was around 3.1%. This figure represents that proportion of
           performance review. The assessment also constitutes the   employees  (excluding  trainees  with  a  fixed-term
           basis for personnel development measures and the process   employment  contract  as  required  by  law)  that  left  the
           of determining pay, in which pay increases are decided on   Group during the reporting period and does not include
           in  consultation  with  the  managers  of  each  division,   those employees who left the company due to retirement
           personnel management and employee representatives. On   or special phased retirement (“Altersteilzeit”) schemes.
           this basis, the modern salary system was implemented with
           the  involvement  of  all  divisions  and  employee
                                                         The  focus  in  promoting  diversity  is  the  group-wide
                                                         conviction  that  a  high  degree  of  diversity  among
                                                         employees is one of the keys to the success of our business.
                                                         As part of the personnel development measures in 2019,
                                                         particular attention was paid to the gender-responsive and
           The KELAG Group currently has around 1,430 employees   age-sensitive  composition  of  teams.  A  total  of  30  non-
           (including trainees with a fixed-term employment contract   Austrian  employees  work  in  Austrian  group  companies
           as required by law) with employment contracts of indefinite   (around 2.2 %).
           duration. The  low  employee  turnover  demonstrates  that
           measures for employee retention are being implemented   In 2019, the female representation quota in the Group was
           effectively.  Noteworthy  in  this  context  are  company   around  19%.  The  number  of  women  in  technically
           benefits such as a company pension scheme, an extended   orientated  companies  is  traditionally  low.  KELAG’s
           period of continued payment of remuneration in case of   objective is to inspire more women to pursue a technical
           sickness,  benefits  for  families  and  commuters  and  an  in-  profession, in particular a technical apprenticeship. Women
           house KELAG child daycare centre.             received targeted support and development opportunities
                                                         in 2019 as part of the talent management process.
           An additional 167 employees are employed group-wide via
           temporary  employment  agencies.  These  people  support
           permanent  staff  to  cover  peak  times  and  temporary
           activities. Irrespective of their employment via a temporary
           work  agency,  these  people  also  receive  remuneration  in
           accordance with the collective agreement for the utilities
           sector and thus corresponding to that of permanent staff
           who perform equivalent activities. Temporary staff are also
           on  equal  footing  with  permanent  staff  with  regard  to
           training and advanced training.
             GRI 102-41, 401-2
                                                         Non-discrimination is promoted in the KELAG Group. The
                                                         criteria for employee selection, training and development
                                                         relate exclusively to the work involved. There is no gender
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