Page 62 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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KELAG’s public charging network is also being continuously   recruiting,  employer  branding  and  personnel  marketing,
                    expanded. In summer 2019, the charging facilities at the   personnel  development,  diversity  and  the  promotion  of
                    four  ASFiNAG  (“Autobahnen-  und  Schnellstraßen-  occupational  healthcare  as  well  as  topics  concerning
                    Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft” - Austrian Autobahn and   personnel  planning,  personnel  controlling  and  reporting
                    highway  financing  stock  corporation)  rest  areas  were   systems,  employment  and  social  insurance  matters  and
                    expanded  to  include  rapid-charging  systems  with  a   incentive  and  remuneration  systems.  Collaboration  with
                    capacity of 150 kW. Through the connection of additional   employee  representatives,  a  key  success  factor,  is  also
                    members to the partner network of the roaming group, the   coordinated in personnel management.
                    number of charging stations throughout Austria increased
                    to 3,500.
                                                                  Programmes to enhance efficiency ensure sustainable cost
                                                                  management and facilitate the staffing of highly qualified
                                                                  personnel  in  strategically  relevant  areas.  Existing
                                                                  remuneration structures are being modernised at company
                                                                  level as well as in the utilities sector and adapted to market
                                                                  circumstances. A new collective agreement represents an
                    Our employees are our greatest asset. We share values such   important milestone in creating jobs in the industry and
                    as  non-discrimination  and  equal  opportunity,  formulate   thus  in  ensuring  attractive  working  conditions  for
                    our  values  in  a  code  of  conduct  and  with  responsible   employees in the long term. The larger number of salary
                    governance create framework conditions for performance-  categories helps to improve social mobility for employees
                    oriented work. Digitalisation measures and programmes for   and  facilitates  updated  job  descriptions  and  improved,
                    enhancing  efficiency  are  implemented  to  ensure  the   market-based  grading  and  renumeration.  The  new
                    productive activity of our employees. In the context of the   collective  agreement  thus  promises  continued  attractive
                    ever-growing  complexity  and  a  dynamic  market   conditions for our employees as well as equal treatment
                    environment,  a  number  of  measures  in  personnel   irrespective of gender.
                    development  were  implemented  at  the  KELAG  Group  to
                    promote  employees.  Underlying  factors  such  as
                    demographic  change  and  labour  market  shortages   Digitalisation  and  automation  processes  are  being
                    necessitate  long-term  personnel  planning  and  retention   continuously  driven  forward.  For  example,  the  areas  of
                    activities,  the  application  of  health  management  and   focus  in  2019  were  the  design and  selection  of  the  new
                    occupational health and safety measures together with the   applicant  management, e-learning  and  blended  learning
                    systematic  development  of  employees  in  line  with   developments and the digitalisation of further HR service
                    requirements. Compliance training also ensures ethical and   processes for employees and managers.
                    legally compliant conduct. Tools of personnel management
                    are continually enhanced to support the implementation of
                    the corporate strategy.
                                                                  At company level, employee performance is assessed once
                    Group-wide  guidelines  on  HR  topics  are  issued  by   a  year  throughout  the  Group  as  part  of  performance
                    personnel  management.  This  comprises  the  areas  of   management. The merit grid tool is used as the basis for
                                                                  this.  In  the  KELAG  Group,  objective,  fair  feedback  is
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