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behaviour of individual customers can be gathered from
           The energy industry is confronted with a new dimension of   consumption data.
           digitalisation as a result of the exponential growth of data.   GRI 418-1
           Experts  also  like  to  refer  to  it  as  Big  Data.  The  related
           requirements,  such  as  data  protection  (GDPR  –  General
           Data Protection Regulation) and data security, are complied   Just  under  one  third  of  the  CO2  emissions  in  Austria  is
           with and processes are adapted continuously.   attributed to the transportation sector. As part of Mission
                                                         2030, Austria has set itself the goal, among other things, of
           The ever-increasing networking of IT systems and power   significantly reducing overall CO2 emissions and increasing
           plants is giving rise to new challenges for the company with   the share of renewable energies in electricity generation to
           respect to data protection and data security. Moreover, the   100 %.  KELAG  also  supports  this  goal  and  makes  its
           growing  number  of  cyber-attacks  is  making  information   contribution  to  the  necessary  transformation  of
           security   increasingly   important.   To   meet   these   transportation by offering products and services in the area
           requirements  and  to  protect  customer  data  from
                                                         of charging infrastructure for e-mobility
           unauthorised access by hackers or other criminal groups, an
           integrated  information  security  management  system   Charging  processes  for  e-vehicles  largely  take  place  at
           (ISMS) has been set up to deal systematically with potential   home  or  at  work.  To  facilitate  the  safe  and  convenient
           threats and to take defensive measures. In 2019, ISMS was   charging of vehicles at home for KELAG customers, special
           certified for the first time in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001   solutions  with  home  recharging  units  are  offered.  This
           and ISO/IEC27019. The certification constitutes the basis for   service is included in an installation package which covers
           compliance with the obligations for operators of essential   the entire spectrum of services, from checking the house
           services  set  out  in  the  NIS  (Network  and  Information   system  to  commissioning  the  unit  through  to  customer
           Systems)  Regulations  applicable  since  2019. The  security   instruction. This  installation  package  has been  offered in
           standards for the protection of customer data can thus be
                                                         the retail customer segment since the beginning of 2019.
           improved  continuously  and  the  level  of  protection
           increased. In the reporting year, no complaints concerning   For business customers, emphasis is on charging solutions
           breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data   that offer different possibilities for activation and that can
           were reported.                                be configured to individual customer requirements. There
                                                         are  special  requirements  depending  on  the  customer
           The data in the smart meters already in use are transferred   segment,  for  example  for  the  hotel  business  and
           exclusively in encrypted form to the headquarters, similar   gastronomy.  In  residential  units,  collaboration  with  e-
           to  a  bank  transaction  at  a  cash  point. The  data  are  also   planners and property developers for new buildings takes
           processed  and  forwarded  in  a  responsible  manner.  Data   place even before construction begins to ensure electricity
           security is not a new concept for the Group and has been   supply  in  all  parking  areas.  In  June  2019,  the  first  pilot
           established practice for decades. The only thing that is new   project in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee was completed and
           is the quantity of data that is transferred and processed. A   handed over to the owners. The first orders for recharging
           secured  company  server  landscape  has  been  set  up  to   units  for  the  underground  car  park  followed  shortly
           handle  this.  Within  the  scope  of  legal  requirements,   thereafter.  In  December  2019,  two  further  projects  in
           customers  can  decide  for  themselves  what  data  are
                                                         Ragnitz near Graz and in Villach were completed.
           transferred to the company. Very little information on the
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