Page 60 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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wind power as well as extracting heat from biomass and   Customers expect – much like in other industries – simple,
                    waste heat. To balance out the fluctuations in renewable   fast  and  automated  digital  processes.  Digitalisation  has
                    energy  production  with  the  demand  for  energy  and  to   thus become a success factor for sales and marketing as
                    optimise  energy  systems  taking  into  account  the   well  as  customer  acquisition  and  customer  loyalty.  The
                    combination of heat and electricity, efforts in the areas of   focus in 2019 was on digital sales. The content commerce
                    system  services  and  versatile  products  are  continuously   project was launched to provide customers with optimal
                    being expanded.                               information  and  offers  along  the  customer  journey.  In
                                                                  addition, the KELAG website was completely redesigned so
                     GRI 102-2, 102-6, 417-1, GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
                                                                  that an efficient, customer-oriented and fully digital sales
                                                                  process was developed in the financial year 2019. KELAG
                    The electrification of mobility as a promising market as well
                                                                  operates  a  total  of  four  apps  and  their  functions  are
                    as the increasing prosumer behaviour of consumers pose
                                                                  extended and updated regularly; 109,000 app downloads
                    new challenges for the electrical power system. Customers
                                                                  attest to the success of these apps.
                    will  be  participating  in  the  electricity  market  even  more
                    actively in future and optimising their energy consumption   GRI 417-1
                    in the process. At the same time, the KELAG Group is on the
                    verge of the digitalisation of electrical power measurement.
                    In this regard, the company must meet the requirements   By  2023,  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  will  replace  around
                    defined by the legislature, and on the other hand, make it   300,000 Ferraris meters with electronic measuring devices
                    easier for customers to use electricity in the most efficient   with  remote  readouts. The  smart  meter  project  is  by  far
                    way possible.                                 KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH’s largest project. This project also
                                                                  includes the development and operation of infrastructure
                                                                  for transmission, storage and processing of data as well as
                    The world is becoming a network, information is available   the  provision  of  these  data  for  customers,  for  energy
                    simultaneously, globally and without restriction. The rapid   suppliers and for the preparation of invoices. At peak times,
                    development  of  the  ever-increasing  high-performance   up  to  120  trained  specialists  will  be  involved  in  the
                    capabilities   of   information   technology   and   implementation of the smart meter installation. By the end
                    telecommunications   opens   up   completely   new   of the financial year 2019, around 120,000 smart meters had
                    opportunities  across  the  entire  value  added  chain.   been installed.
                    Digitalisation will permeate all areas of life and business at
                                                                  Smart   metering   stands   for   sustainable   energy
                    an ever-faster rate. If climate protection and the new energy   management – which means that customers should benefit
                    concept  are  to  be  taken  seriously,  an  intelligent  digital   from efficient energy consumption. As a first step towards
                    energy  system  based  on  renewables  energies  is  also
                                                                  this, an attractive application – the KELAG GreenApp – has
                    needed.                                       been developed at KELAG which, for example, presents an
                                                                  overview  of  energy  consumption  and  use  patterns  and
                    E-business has become a decisive success factor in many
                                                                  explains  invoices  transparently  for  the  customer.  In
                    business areas, for example, in marketing as well as sales   addition,  the  KELAG  GreenApp  also  supports  various
                    and in customer loyalty. It is essential to have an e-business   sustainable projects in Carinthia.
                    strategy  that  allows  resources  to  be  focused  on  key
                    processes. Suitable quality assurance processes are set up
                    to counterbalance increasingly complex requirements and
                    the very fast pace.
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