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In  its  relationships  with  suppliers,  KELAG  also  considers   customers  of  KELAG  as  well  as  KELAG  Energie  & Wärme
           compliance  with  the  guidelines  of  the  KELAG  code  of   GmbH participated in the survey. The results of the latest
           conduct  in  the  course  of  its  procurement  activities  and   survey in 2019 indicate that the level of overall satisfaction
           therefore maintains no business relationships whatsoever   of KELAG customers in all customer groups is high: 89 % of
           with suppliers that are publicly known to not observe or to   retail customers, 90 % of business customers and 95 % of
           be in violation of the principles underlying the UN Global   key accounts are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with KELAG as
           Compact.  Topics  such  as  environmental  protection  and   an energy supplier. From the customers’ perspective, the
           waste disposal as well as sustainability and compliance are   main benefits of KELAG are the eco-friendly generation of
           fixed components of the general conditions of contract for   energy,  reliability  of  supply  and  customer  support.  The
           procurement.  This  ensures  that  KELAG  can  highlight   customers also feel very well informed about the services
           specific  points  for  raising  awareness  in  the  areas  of   and  products  of  KELAG.  Thus,  around  85 %  of  retail
           ecological and social sustainability also in its cooperation   customers,  83 %  of  business  customers  and  91%  of  key
           with suppliers.                               accounts  would  recommend  KELAG  based  on  their
           Spot checking is currently always carried out with a follow-
           up  period  of  around  one  year;  supplier  management   The availability rate of 90 % in 2019 with around 250,000
           assessed  around  32 %  in  the  financial  year  2018.  The   calls contributes significantly to customer satisfaction. The
           strategic objective of the Group’s procurement function is   higher volume of emails from 43,000 in 2018 to 53,000 was
           to replace this spot checking with comprehensive testing   able  to  be  processed  in  an  average  time  of  around  10
           by 2025.                                      minutes per email. New projects are being implemented
                                                         continuously to raise customer satisfaction further also in
            GRI 102-9,102-10. 204-1, 308-1, 414-1
                                                         the  coming  financial  year.  Specifically,  a  key  topic  “CX-
                                                         Customer  Experience“  is  being  worked  on  intensively  to
                                                         reinforce customer centricity.

           KELAG supplies energy and gas to around 254,000 retail,
           agricultural and small business customers as well as around
                                                         The  increase  in  energy  efficiency  and  the  expansion  of
           5,000  industrial  and  commercial  customers.  KEW  and  its
                                                         renewable  energies  are  expected  to  contribute  to  the
           subsidiaries supply around 10,000 customers, with a sales
                                                         decarbonisation  of  the  energy  system.  The  new  energy
           volume of around 1,976 GWh, equivalent to around 395,000
                                                         concept involves a paradigm shift. Local, small generation
                                                         units and storage facilities are reaching market readiness
             GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
                                                         and are increasingly being installed by customers on their
                                                         own premises.
           As  a  customer-focused  energy  provider,  the  company   In  an  environment  with  frequently  new  market  players,
           conducts an extensive customer satisfaction analysis every   KELAG relies on its wide range of corresponding products
           two  years  and  is  supported  in  this  by  an  independent   and various rates and price packages as well as its strategic
           market and public opinion research institute. The collection   cooperation partners. Being a sustainable energy supplier,
           of data takes place in the form of telephone interviews, with   electricity and heat based on renewable energy sources are
           the questions being adapted to the individual needs of the   generated by the company itself, and it continues to rely on
           various customer groups. A total of around 3,500 energy   the  core  competences  in  the  fields  of  hydroelectric  and
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