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characteristics. The suppliers to be assessed are determined
                                                                  based on the procurement volume of the respective prior
                                                                  year.  In  consultation  with  the  requestor,  procurement
                                                                  creates  a  list  of  suppliers for  assessment in  a  first step  –
                    Operational management and maintenance measures for   essentially using the logic of an ABC analysis based on the
                    existing  power  plants  and  grid  infrastructure  as  well  as   cumulative procurement volume.
                    development measures for new construction projects are
                    essential  components  of  the  supply  chain  in  the  KELAG   This list ultimately serves as a basis for the implementation
                    Group. The  main  services  primarily  concern  the  building   of  the  supplier  assessment  in  the  software  solution  by
                    and  civil  engineering  trade  as  well  as  electromechanical   vemap. The assessment form comprises the following five
                    plant engineering, meter management and other services   categories:
                    for  maintenance.  Additional  services  are  purchased
                    externally  in  the  following  areas,  among  others:  facility    value for money
                    management,   vehicle   fleet,   information   and    credit rating/certificates
                    communication   technology   and   marketing.   The    quality/supply
                    procurement  of  primary  energy  (e.g.,  biomass,  pellets,    technology, performance and qualifications
                    natural  gas)  for  KELAG  Energie  &  Wärme  GmbH’s  heat    service and management profile (technical)
                    production is another important aspect in the supply chain.    service and management profile (business)
                    Most  of  the  procurement  volume in  the KELAG  Group  is
                    managed by means of formalised invitations to tender via   Depending  on  the  respective  subject  of  procurement,
                    an electronic suppliers and tenders portal. In 2019, orders   sustainability  criteria  are  thus  even  taken  into  account
                    totalling EUR 143m were placed with suppliers in around 20   during  the  procurement  process.  If  a  supplier  has
                    countries. The majority of these suppliers are located in the   environmental  certification,  for  example,  especially  the
                    GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) region. Around 2,000   implementation  of  the  international  environmental
                    suppliers were commissioned by KELAG in 2019. Around   management  standard  ISO  14001,  this  gives  it  a
                    90 % of the order volume was placed in the core market   competitive  advantage  over  non-certified  service
                    Austria; the remaining 10 % was procured from suppliers   providers. Each contractor has a contractual obligation to
                    from other countries (predominantly from the euro zone).   give  due  consideration  to  ecological  aspects  concerning
                                                                  the respective service as well as the principles underlying
                    In  the  financial  year  2019,  the  regional  procurement   the  UN  Global  Compact  (essentially  a  precautionary
                    volume of the three major companies KELAG, KNG-Kärnten   approach  to  environmental  challenges,  environmental
                    Netz GmbH and KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH came to   responsibility and environmentally friendly technologies).
                    around EUR 59.4m (2018: EUR 47.0m). When calculating the   Particular  attention  is  also  paid  to  environmental
                    regional  procurement  volume,  only  suppliers  based  in   compliance. The culpable breach of these duties imposed
                    Carinthia are taken into account.             by  law  can  also  lead  to  immediate  termination  of  the
                     GRI 102-9                                    respective contractual relationship. Environmental aspects
                                                                  are taken into account in designing operational processes,
                                                                  for example, to the effect that only essential distances are
                    In the context of KELAG’s supplier management, the due   covered to reduce the impact on the environment where
                    diligence process includes the systematic assessment of the   possible.
                    performance  of  suppliers  based  on  clearly  defined
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