Page 57 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 57

gas in Carinthia, KNG provides non-discriminatory access to   energy  supply  after  such  an  event  is  exercised  under
           the  grid  infrastructure  to  all  customers  and  energy   conditions as realistic as possible.
           suppliers.                                      GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures

           Investments  in  grid  infrastructure  provide  important
           stimulus for the Carinthian economy and create as well as
           safeguard  jobs. This  facilitates  the  safe  and  reliable   When  electrical  energy  is  transmitted  and  distributed
           operation of the distribution grid for electricity and natural   through an electricity grid, energy is physically lost. These
           gas.  Acting  sustainably  also  means  contributing  to  the   losses  can  be  divided  into  load-independent  and  load-
           security  and  reliability  of  energy  supply  in  a  forward-  dependent  losses. The  load-dependent  losses  are  mainly
           looking manner. Against this backdrop, KNG modernises its   Joule  heat  losses,  which  occur  on  account  of  the  ohmic
           grid infrastructure on an ongoing basis. KNG implemented   resistance of the pipelines and transformers when electrical
           an extensive investment and maintenance programme in   energy is transmitted. Due to the dependence of the load-
           2019 aimed at continuing to guarantee grid customers in   dependent  losses  when  the  energy  is  transmitted,  these
           Carinthia the premium quality of electricity supply to which   cannot  be  significantly  influenced  by  KNG-Kärnten  Netz
           they  are  accustomed.  The  areas  of  focus  were  the  new   GmbH. Load-independent losses include, for example, the
           construction and commissioning of the Gmünd substation,   loss  of  iron  in  transformers,  electrical  power  losses  in
           the  renewal  of the  110  kV  switchgear  at  the  Radenthein   transmission  cables  or  corona  power  losses  in  overhead
           substation  as  well  as  the  renewal  of  the  secondary   transmission  lines.  These  load-independent  losses  are
           equipment  at  the  Außerfragant  substation.  In  addition,   reduced  through  continuous  renewal  measures  on  the
           extensive  measures  were  implemented  in  the  medium-  distribution grid.
           voltage and low-voltage grids. In total, KNG-Kärnten Netz
           GmbH  invested  EUR 65m  in  grid  infrastructure  in  the
           financial year 2019.

           The  continuous  testing  of  quality  standards  is  key  to
           ensuring  a  safe  electricity  and  natural  gas  grid.  For  this
           reason, KNG obtains certification in the areas of electricity
           and natural gas on a regular basis. To ensure and maintain
           up-to-date quality standards, regular audits are performed
           in these areas.

           To be as best prepared as possible for the risk of a blackout,
           organisational,  technical  and  practical  preparatory
           measures  are  carried  out  on  a  continual  basis.  Crisis
           management  exercises  with  emergency  services  and
           authorities are held periodically and employees at the grid
           control centre  are specially  trained  for  such  scenarios.  In
           addition, isolated operation tests are performed together
           with  external  partners,  in  which  the  restoration  of  the
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