Page 56 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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around EUR 2,513.1m; the average gross value added thus
                                                                  came to EUR 353.4m.
                    KELAG is a company with regional roots and sees itself as a
                                                                  A study on  value added prepared by the WIFO (Austrian
                    reliable  partner  to  the  community  and  the  region.
                                                                  Institute  for  Economic  Research)  revealed  that  KELAG
                    Reliability  of  energy  supply  and  the  acknowledgment  of
                                                                  generates  value  added  of  around  EUR 1.4b  through  its
                    social  responsibility  provide  an  important  basis  for
                                                                  entrepreneurial  activities  in  Austria.  Broken  down  by
                    Carinthia as a business and energy hub.
                                                                  federal state, the largest portion relates to Carinthia with
                                                                  around EUR 585m annually, corresponding to 41 % of the
                    The prerequisite to acting sustainably is a stable economic
                                                                  entire domestic value added. In doing so, KELAG safeguards
                    basis. KELAG is a sound, competitive company as well as an
                                                                  the jobs of the KELAG employees as well as the capacity
                    engine for the regional economy and labour market and
                                                                  utilisation of around another 5,100 employees in Carinthia.
                    makes a significant contribution to the value added.
                                                                   GRI 203-2

                    KELAG raised its gross value added again in the financial
                    year  2019,  which  once  again  clearly  demonstrates  the   Reliability  of  supply  provides  an  important  basis  for
                    importance of the company for Carinthia as a business and   Carinthia as a business and energy hub. Due to the high
                    energy hub. As part of the evaluation, performance data   degree of social and economic impact, reliability of supply
                    and  structural  business statistics  of  12  fully  consolidated   constitutes one of the key topics of focus for KELAG. High-
                    group  companies  with  registered  offices  in  Austria  were   quality and reliable grid infrastructure is an indispensable
                    analysed. The  key  indicator  provides  information  on  the   lifeline  for  communities  and  the  economy.  KNG-Kärnten
                    indirect economic impacts. According to this study, KELAG   Netz  GmbH is  aware  of  this  social  responsibility  and
                    generates  gross  value  added  of  around  EUR 358.5m   systematically  aligns  its  fields  of  activity  accordingly.
                    through its entrepreneurial activities in Austria. The average   The employees of KNG work around the clock, 365 days a
                    production value of the years 2017 through 2019 came to   year, to ensure a reliable supply of energy in Carinthia. As
                                                                  an operator of distribution grids for electricity and natural
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