Page 52 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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Restmüllverwertungs  GmbH.  Thus,  the  amount  of  CO2
                                                                  emissions  avoided  by  the  KELAG  Group  calculated
                                                                  mathematically  currently  comes  to  a  total  of  around
                                                                  1.49 million metric tons per year.

                                                                  To reduce greenhouse gases further, KELAG has set itself
                                                                  the goal to gradually convert its vehicle fleet to e-vehicles.
                                                                  In the financial year 2019, 11 new e-vehicles were acquired,

                                                                  thus increasing the actual number of e-vehicles to 66. The
                     GRI 305-1, 305-2                             vehicle fleet is expected to include around 120 e-vehicles
                                                                  by 2022.

                    Focusing on the generation of electricity from renewable
                    energy is crucial to reducing and avoiding greenhouse gas
                    emissions.  With  its  existing  power  plants  based  on
                    renewable energy and its purchase rights, the KELAG Group
                    has around 3,359 GWh at its disposal in an average year. To
                    determine the amount of CO2 avoided using an emissions
                    factor  for  electricity  generation  in  Austria  pursuant  to
                    GEMIS 4.9 (Global Emission Model for Integrated Systems   GRI 305-5
                    for  Austria),  the  calculation  used  is  0.258  kg  of  carbon
                    dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per kilowatt hour generated. For
                    the previously mentioned emissions factor, both electricity
                                                                  KELAG  Energie  &  Wärme  GmbH  can  cover  100%  of  the
                    generated in Austria as well as electricity imports are taken
                                                                  emissions  from  installations  participating  in  the  ETS
                    into account. The emissions factor for electricity generation
                                                                  (emissions  trading  system)  through  allowances  allocated
                    in  Austria  is  calculated  on  the  basis  of  the  power  plant
                                                                  free  of  charge.  The  allocated  emissions  allowances  are
                    portfolio. For electricity imports, the emissions factor of the
                                                                  posted  directly to  the  installation  account  and  managed
                    electricity  generation  of  the  importing  counties  is  used.
                                                                  accordingly. For verification of the emissions emitted, an
                    With  its  power  plants,  purchase  rights  and  equity
                                                                  external  audit  is  performed  once  a  year  to  check  and
                    investments,  KELAG  contributes  to  avoiding  around
                                                                  confirm the quantity of emissions reported. The emissions
                    866,600 metric tons of CO2 every year.
                                                                  are  reported  via  the  EDM  portal  of  the  federal  ministry
                                                                  responsible. The  allowances  are  then  deactivated  by  the
                    A considerable amount of CO2 emissions is avoided in the
                                                                  corresponding  amount  in  the  respective  installation
                    area of heat generation by using renewable energies and
                                                                  account of the emissions trading registry. In addition, the
                    by using waste heat from industrial processes as compared
                                                                  company  implemented  its  own  emissions  allowance
                    with  individual  heating  systems  with  fossil  fuels  and
                                                                  process  which  systematically  steers  the  required  steps.
                    heating oils. The environmentally compatible generation of
                                                                  KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH has only allowances that
                    heat translates into more than 442,000 metric tons of CO2
                                                                  have  been  allocated  free  of  charge  and  no  auctioned
                    avoided  each  year.  Through  the  incineration  of  residual
                    waste  as  compared  with  landfill,  around  183,500  metric
                                                                   GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
                    tons  of  CO2  are  avoided  each  year  by  Kärntner
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