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of customer interest in KELAG energy consulting services is
                                                         also  confirmed  by  the  some  3,700  energy  consulting
                                                         services that were rendered in the financial year 2019. In
                                                         addition, KELAG organised energy days for municipalities at
                                                         which  residents  received  competent  advice  on  the
                                                         planning of heating systems and on the financial assistance
                                                         programmes  available.  All  advice  provided  by  KELAG’s
                                                         energy  consultants  centres  on  customer  benefits  and
                                                         responsibility for climate protection and energy efficiency.
                                                         In the area of heat pump applications, KELAG supported
                                                         around 300 new installations in 2019. In conjunction with
                                                         selected  technicians,  electricians  and  manufacturers,
                                                         KELAG offers financial assistance in this context for heating,
                                                         photovoltaics and energy systems for retail and business
                                                           GRI 302-4

           In  the  course  of  the  Group  audit  2019,  a  further  364
           measures  were  identified,  which  will  be  implemented   The generation of electricity from renewable energy is free
           steadily  over  the  next  four  years  and  will  thus  provide   of  direct emissions  of greenhouse  gas.  KELAG’s  focus  on
           energy efficiency of around 28 GWh.           generating  electricity  exclusively  from  renewable  energy
                                                         makes an important contribution to reducing and avoiding
             GRI 302-4
                                                         emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG). In accordance with the
                                                         Paris agreement on climate change from 2015, the goal is
                                                         to  reduce  GHG  emissions  worldwide  to  a  level  aimed  at
           KELAG  is  driving  forward  its  positioning  as  a  full-service
                                                         limiting  global  warming  to  below  2  degrees  Celsius  (or
           provider in the field of renewables and energy efficiency. In
                                                         rather to below 1.5 degrees Celsius).
           response to the increasing interest of customers in energy-
           saving  measures,  it  offers  attractive  industry-specific
                                                         In the reporting year, the total of direct, Scope 1 emissions
           energy  products  and  services.  The  product  portfolio
                                                         came to 707,596 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent
           comprises,  for  example,  solutions  in  the  areas  of
                                                         (CO2e). This was mainly driven by the production of heat by
           photovoltaics  and  energy  management.  In  line  with
                                                         KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH and the associated use of
           customer  requirements,  service-oriented  and  innovative
                                                         fuels. The indirect Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions are
           components  are  constantly  being  added  to  the  Group’s
                                                         calculated from purchased electricity and came to 30,288
           range  of  products  and  services.  For  instance,  the  new
                                                         metric  tons  of  carbon  dioxide  equivalent  (CO2e)  in  the
           intelligent  energy  management  system  “MEO  –  Your
                                                         financial year 2019.
           Manager for Energy Optimisation” was introduced in 2019.
           Through  intelligent  management  and  the  integration  of
           weather  forecasts,  MEO  helps  to  reduce  electricity  and
           heating  costs  by  up  to  20 %  and  thus  makes  a  valuable
           contribution to energy efficiency. The continued high level
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