Page 49 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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The  overall  efficiency  of  a  hydroelectric  power  plant
                                                         comprises  the  efficiency  levels  of  the  individual
                                                         components of the power plant and ranges from 80 % to
                                                         90 %,  depending  on  the  type  of  plant.  New  plants  are
                                                         already achieving efficiency levels of over 90 %. Particular
           KELAG generates electricity in its own power plants based
                                                         attention  is  given  to  the  opportunity  to  enhance  the
           exclusively on renewable sources of energy (water,  wind,
                                                         efficiency of existing production facilities in the course of
           and PV). The second keystone of KELAG’s own production
                                                         renewal  measures  and  major  maintenance  projects  to
           are purchase rights to power plants of other entities that
                                                         ensure a high degree of capacity availability of the plants.
           also  produce  exclusively  renewable  energy.  The
                                                         In this context, KELAG continues its strategy for revitalising
           hydroelectric and wind power activities outside Austria are
                                                         and enhancing the efficiency of existing power plants.
           bundled in KI-KELAG International GmbH. With a total of 99
                                                           GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
           of its own power plants and drawing on purchase rights
           from third-party power plants, a total power plant capacity

           of  around  1,369 MW  and  a  total  production  volume  of
                                                         KELAG produces sufficient electricity to supply all its retail
           about 3.4 TWh is available in an average year.
                                                         and  business  customers  (including  municipalities)  with
                                                         electricity stemming exclusively from hydroelectric power
           The sustainable energy generation strategy enables retail
                                                         and green energy. But in order to supply key accounts as
           customers  to  be  supplied  with  electricity  stemming
                                                         well, electricity has to be procured externally. Every supplier
           exclusively from hydroelectric power and green energy and
                                                         of electricity is legally required to disclose its mix of primary
           contributes  significantly  to  reducing  and  avoiding
                                                         energy sources in its annual financial statements and in its
           greenhouse  gas  emissions.  Energy  efficiency  is  a  top
                                                         advertising  materials.  The  company  discloses  electricity
           priority for KELAG. Customers are shown possibilities for the
                                                         stemming exclusively from hydroelectric power and green
           efficient use of energy and offered individual products and
           energy  services.  To  further  strengthen  its  position  as  a
           customer-focused  energy  service  provider,  new  business
           models  and  technologies  are  continuously  evaluated.
           Innovation  management,  digitalisation,  e-mobility  and
           smart technologies are other key topics.
           In  addition  to  the  generation  of  renewable  energy  in
           Austria and abroad, KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH is the
           largest supra-regional provider of heat in Austria and also

           functions  as  a  supplier  of  electricity  and  gas  for  key
                                                         Pursuant  to  Sec. 78  (1)  and  (2)  EIWOG  2010  and  the
           accounts. The company has developed over the years into
                                                         electricity  labelling  ordinance  2014  for  the  period  from
           a comprehensive service provider and provider of complete
                                                         1/1/2018 to 31/12/2018, KELAG issues guarantees of origin.
           solutions, with the focus being on the use of biomass and
                                                         The  guarantees  of  origin  stem  from  Austria  (52.44 %),
           industrial waste heat.
                                                         Norway (28.58 %), Italy (11.02 %), France (4.90 %), Sweden
                                                         (2.60 %)  and  Germany  (0.47 %).  No  CO2  emissions  or
                                                         radioactive waste is generated in the production of KELAG’s
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