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keep its stakeholders informed about the developments in
           energy policies, to actively seek discourse on current and
                                                         As an overarching goal, the principle of sustainability has
           future  challenges  in  the  energy  industry  and to  propose
                                                         been entrenched in the Group’s entrepreneurial thinking
           constructive solutions.
                                                         and activity for many years. What is meant by sustainability
                                                         in  this  context  is  striking  an  optimal  balance  between
           In  an  increasingly  dynamic  market  environment,
                                                         business stability, security of supply, climate protection and
           understanding  the  critical  needs  of  stakeholders  and
                                                         social responsibility for the long term. When implementing
           regular  communication  with  them  are  particularly
                                                         these tasks, the Group is faced with economic conditions in
           important. Open and honest dialogue with stakeholders is
                                                         the  energy  industry  that  can  be  described  as  uncertain,
           therefore one of KELAG’s main priorities.
                                                         dynamic  and  complex.  The  effects  of  the  new  energy
             GRI 102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44
      concept combined with additional regulatory intervention
                                                         in the market mechanisms of the energy industry as well as
           The  owners  of  KELAG  support  a  strategy  of  value-based   the   trends   of   decarbonisation,   decentralisation,
           growth and innovation based on renewable energies with   digitalisation   and   democratisation   influence
           an additional focus on energy efficiency. Without the active   entrepreneurial  activity,  in  particular.  A  successful
           support of the owners, it would not be possible to realise   sustainable company also needs a sound economic basis.
           the sustainability efforts and comprehensive sustainability   Standard  &  Poor’s  confirmed  this  sound  basis  with  an
           programme to the same extent. The implementation of the   “A/stable”  rating  again  in  the  past  financial  year.  In  the
                                                         financial  year  2019,  the  sustainability  activities  of  KELAG
                                                         carried out over many years were assessed for the first time
                                                         by  the  internationally  renowned  business  sustainability
                                                         rating  agency  EcoVadis,  which  awarded  KELAG  a  silver
                                                         sustainability rating.

                                                         Taking the uncertain market conditions into account, the
                                                         strategic  alignment  of  the  company  will  continue  to  be
                                                         pursued  in  a  targeted  manner.  A  diversified  business
                                                         portfolio remains the essential basis of the stable financial
                                                         and earnings power, facilitating the Group’s continuation of
                                                         the long-term investment programme in accordance with
                                                         clear return and risk criteria and the further development of
                                                         sustainability activities.

           sustainability  programme  is  ensured  by  the  cross-
                                                         KELAG  actively  shapes  developments  in  the  energy
           functional steering committee, in which employees from all
                                                         industry through its membership in a number of industry-
           areas of the Group participate.
                                                         relevant  organisations  and  advocacy  groups  (e.g.,
             GRI 102-5
        Oesterreichs Energie and the Association of Gas and District
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