Page 46 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 46

In light of the changes in the energy industry, the company   Particularly  with  regard  to  its  activities  in  the  area  of
                    decided to further develop its stakeholder management.   renewable energy sources, the company is perceived to be
                    The innovative approach of a stakeholder network analysis   forward-looking  and  innovative. Together  with  its  strong
                    was chosen for this purpose. KELAG is at the centre of the   regional  presence,  these  values  are  the  hallmarks  of
                    economic  cluster,  and  its  activities  are  followed  by  the   KELAG’s image. The openness of the stakeholders to enter
                    stakeholders. The influence of the company extends well   into projects and partnerships with the company can be
                    beyond the purely economic level to the fields of culture,   described as above average.
                    community, sports and politics.
                                                                  Regular communication creates mutual understanding and
                                                                  drives  inspiration  and  ideas.  It  is  important  to  KELAG  to
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