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cities. The focus is on a holistic passenger transport concept
                                                         “e-Mobility as a service”. For example, the use of e-bikes and
                                                         e-car sharing is being tested in the city of Villach (Austria).

                                                         Additional current, application-driven R&D projects in the
                                                         KELAG  Group  relate  to  the  following  topics:  technical
                                                         diagnosis  of  operating  resources;  use  of  alternative
                                                         insulation  liquids  for  transformers;  the  impact  of  gas
                                                         pipelines; strategies for grid restoration; assessment of the
                                                         condition of operating resources using Big Data as well as
                                                         digitalisation  in  grid  operation  through  the  gradual
                                                         expansion of calculation, simulation and visualisation tools.
           Changed  market  conditions  and  new  customer   Within the context of R&D projects, technologies such as
           requirements place high requirements on the company’s   drones, smart poles and machine learning are also being
           capacity  for  innovation.  To  be  able  to  react  flexibly  to   examined for their practical application. Basic application-
           market  demands  in  this  environment,  it  is  necessary  to   driven  considerations  relating  to  smart  grids  and  smart
           open  up  innovation  processes  and  to  combine  internal   metering are also essential.
           knowledge with external insights. One way to do this is also
           through targeted research and development projects.   As a supplement to internal activities, projects are also co-
                                                         financed under the “Research and Innovation” committee
           Projects  carried  out  in  research  and  development  are   of  Oesterreichs  Energie,  the  Austrian  energy  advocacy
           primarily  application-driven,  often  taking  the  form  of   group. Key issues in 2019 continued to include: regulation,
           cooperation with industry partners, research institutions as   grids  and  security  of  supply,  energy  policy,  use  of
           well  as  institutes  of  higher  education  and  universities.   blockchain  technology  in  electrical  grids,  cyber  security
           Particularly  noteworthy  in  this  context  is  the  endowed   and  information  and  communication  technology  with
           professorship for “sustainable energy management” at the   respect to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation
           University  of  Klagenfurt.  HTL  (“Höhere  Technische   (GDPR).
           Lehranstalt” - Upper-level vocational secondary  school in
           Austria with an emphasis on technological subjects) theses
           and  dissertations  for  bachelor’s  and  master’s  degree
           programmes are regularly supervised as part of research

           Current application-driven R&D fields of activity include, for
           example,  the  VirtueGrid  and  STEVE  projects.  In  the
           VirtueGrid research project, KELAG is carrying out research
           together with KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH and other project
           partners on how ICT systems can be used in future for the
           operation of electricity grids and other infrastructure. In an
           EU  project,  KELAG  and  partners  from  other  European
           countries are exploring new mobility solutions for smaller
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