Page 33 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 33

The  company  implemented  an  extensive  investment  programme  in  the  financial  year  2019.  The  Group  invested
           EUR 142.3m, not including company acquisitions or changes in the consolidated group, in property, plant and equipment
           and intangible assets (for example, electricity purchase rights). Investments in property, plant and equipment focused on
           power plant projects in Austria and other countries and distribution grid facilities. EUR 31.4m was invested in the area of
           power production in Austria. EUR 65.0m was spent on distribution grid facilities. A further EUR 18.6m was attributable to
           the  Heat  and  key  accounts  segment  and  EUR 10.9m  to  Misc.  Outside  Austria,  KELAG  invested  EUR 16.4m  in  the
           construction of hydroelectric projects in Montenegro and Kosovo as well as in a wind power project in Croatia.

            Intangible assets                                                  13.7             10.3
            Property, plant and equipment                                     128.6            107.2
            TOTAL                                                             142.3            117.5

           The company spent around EUR 30.4m on maintenance in the financial year 2019, which is included in various expense
           items in the income statement.

            Production facilities, Austria                                      5.6              4.9
            Grids                                                              14.8             15.2
            Heat                                                                6.6              4.8
            Other                                                               3.4              4.2
            TOTAL                                                              30.4             29.1
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