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heating  grids  to  supply  new  customers.  In  this  context,   area networks (LoRaWAN) and the Internet of Things (IoT),
           particular attention is given to enhancing the efficiency of   in particular, in future.
           the  production  facilities  in  operation.  Smart  plant  and
           district  heating  grid  controls  ensure  the  efficient  use  of   Through the expansion of KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH’s
           facilities  and  resources  and  make  the  greatest  possible   energy  services  offering,  photovoltaic  systems  with  a
           contribution to conserving the environment. Furthermore,   capacity of around 1,000 kWpeak were installed at customer
           the facilities are not only highly efficient but also have a   sites in the past year.
           lower environmental impact as a result of the reduced fuel

           The  entity WRS  Naturwärme  Holding  GmbH  acquired  by
           KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH is a holding company in
                                                         At  17,665 GWh  in  the  financial  year  2019,  the  Group’s
           which six operating heat providers are bundled. These six
                                                         electricity  production  decreased  by  930 GWh  or  5.0%
           entities  operate  independent  district heating grids  in six
                                                         compared  to  the  prior  year.  While  the  level  of  energy
           municipalities (two each in Steiermark, Upper Austria and
                                                         produced in hydroelectric power plants in Austria suffered
           Lower Austria) with corresponding plants generating heat
                                                         from the lower water supply in the past financial year, with
           based on biomass. Through this acquisition, KELAG Energie
                                                         a  water  flow  quota  of  95.3%  (2018: 101.1%)  and  fell  by
           & Wärme GmbH has increased its annual heat sales volume
                                                         312 GWh to 2,961 GWh as a result, electricity sourced from
           by around 55 GWh. The decentralised structure of KELAG
                                                         third  parties  also  decreased  by  619 GWh  or  4.0%  to
           Energie & Wärme GmbH allowed optimum integration of
                                                         14,704 GWh.
           these entities and thus the supply to customers.
                                                         The  external  electricity  sales  of  the  Group  decreased  to
           In addition, waste heat from Kärntner Restmüllverwertungs
                                                         16,436 GWh. This corresponds to a year-on-year decrease of
           GmbH in Arnoldstein was used for the first time for a full
                                                         1,303 GWh or 7.3%.
           year  in  the  financial  year  2019  via  the  heat  transmission
           pipe  in Villach  constructed  in  2018. Via  the  transmission
                                                         The unit sales to end customers of 3,770 GWh were around
           pipe  of  around  15  km  in  length,  up  to  50%  of  the  heat
                                                         10.4% below the prior-year level (4,208 GWh). Around 50%
           volume needed in Villach can be covered by using waste
                                                         of  business customer  unit  sales  in  2019  was  allocable to
           heat  from  the  waste  incineration  plant  in  Arnoldstein,
                                                         customers outside Carinthia.
           substituting above all the use of natural gas.
           In Upper Austria, a natural gas production plant which has
           been in operation for years now was renovated to maintain   In comparison to the prior year, the volume of gas increased
           supply to customers in the long term. This plant will supply   by 100 GWh or 4.2% to 2,496 GWh.
           process steam to two industry customers on a long-term
           basis.                                        Group-wide gas sales decreased by 19 GWh or 1.1% to a
                                                         total of 1,694 GWh.
           The entity kelmin GmbH, established in 2018 together with
           a partner in the area of invoicing heating costs, has already
           implemented initial successful projects. This entity will also
           focus on digitalisation priorities such as long-range wide-
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