Page 27 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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years  through  investments  in  an  additional  power  plant
           and  the  takeover  of  another  power  plant  from  currently   Content  commerce  as  an  online  sales  channel  was
           1.2 MW  to  6  MW  and  an  expected  annual  production  of   implemented in the financial year 2019. The objective is to
           around 21 GWh.                                provide the various customer groups for commodity and
                                                         Energy+  products  with  optimal  information  and  offers
                                                         along  the  customer  journey.  The  attention  of  potential
                                                         customers  is  thus  drawn  to  relevant  topics  and  they  are
                                                         involved in the buying process early on. Online marketing,
           KELAG’s trading activities begin with the management of
                                                         optimised  search  engines  and  social  media  are  essential
           the  electricity  it  produces  and  the  procurement  of  sales
                                                         input channels. The website is also being redesigned in the
           volumes. With respect to the management of the electricity
                                                         context of intelligent lead management. Moreover, the E-
           it produces, the objective is to place its own power plants
                                                         Tankstellen-Finder  (service  station  finder)  app  is  being
           on the relevant markets in the best possible way. In addition
                                                         completely  redesigned  while  the  PlusClub  app  and  the
           to their presence on the trading markets, it is also necessary
                                                         GreenApp are being refined in response to user feedback.
           to refine internal processes to optimise the use of flexible
           generation units. To increase the stability of planning and
           revenue, KELAG pursues a long-term sale and procurement
           strategy, whereby the corresponding volumes are sold and
           procured  gradually  for  subsequent  years.  The  relevant
           commodities are mainly electricity and gas. Together with
                                                         As  an  operator  of  distribution  grids  for  electricity  and
           the subsidiary Interenergo d.o.o., which focuses on cross-
                                                         natural gas in Carinthia, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH provides
           border trading and the supply of energy, the company is
                                                         non-discriminatory access to the grid infrastructure to all
           particularly active  on the markets of Central and Eastern
                                                         customers  and  energy  suppliers.  The  high-performance
           Europe (“CEE”) and South Eastern Europe (“SEE”).
                                                         grid  infrastructure  has  to  work  around  the  clock.  KNG-
                                                         Kärnten  Netz  GmbH’s  main  tasks  include  managing
                                                         operations, expanding the distribution grids for electricity
                                                         and  natural  gas  in  line  with  requirements,  ensuring
           Competition  in  the  end  consumer  segment  of  the   necessary  maintenance  and  providing  efficient  repair
           electricity market is consistently high in light of aggressive   management.
           pricing,  intensified  campaigning  as  well  as  aggressive
           competitors in all consumer segments. Nevertheless, our
           strong  competitive  position  in  the  market  has  been   Construction of the 220/110 kV Villach Süd substation and
           maintained. In addition to customer loyalty programmes,   the associated 110 kV line connection required to secure
           activities to win back former customers were successfully   the future electricity supply in the Villach region continued
           carried out. Moreover, the acquisition of new customers in   in  2019.  The  civil  engineering  work  for  the  110 kV
           all segments continues to be sustained and the range of   switchgear,  the  220 kV  switchgear  and  the  operating
           energy-related products and services expanded. Customer   buildings  at the  transmission substations  commenced  in
           requirements are taken into account through the supply of   spring 2019. By the end of the financial year, construction
           electricity from 100% renewable energy.       work on the 110 kV switchgear had been completed and
                                                         the  installation  of  the  high-voltage  components
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