Page 26 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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Further rooftop projects, which are to be implemented in
                    The expansion of the apprentice school in St. Veit an der   the financial year 2020, are currently being drafted. As the
                    Glan  is  currently in  the implementation  phase. The main   ambitious climate targets cannot be achieved exclusively
                    construction  work  for  the  expansion  was  otherwise   through the installation of on-roof systems, selected open
                    completed  in  2019.  On  the  ground  floor  of  the  Group   spaces on the company’s own property as well as on third-
                    headquarters  in  Klagenfurt  am  Wörthersee,  major   party  land  have  been  surveyed  for  suitability  for  the
                    renovation  work  was  carried  out  until  the  end  of  the   installation of a PV power plant. The suitability tests include
                    financial  year  to  create  a  new,  attractive  and  flexible
                                                                  aspects  pertaining  to  solar  energy,  the  grid  and  nature
                    working environment which meets the requirements of the
                                                                  conservation  and  suitable  locations  are  put  forward  for
                    modern working world.

                    The wind power production capacity of the KELAG Group   The  KELAG  Group  pursues  a  selective  growth  strategy
                    was  expanded  from  around  62  MW  to  77  MW  through   internationally, primarily in the areas of hydroelectric power
                    expansion investments in the Nikitsch wind farm as well as   and wind power. Of central importance in this regard is the
                    the commissioning of the Jasenice wind farm in Croatia. An   100% shareholding in Interenergo d.o.o. Based in Slovenia,
                    annual average production level of around 181 GWh will   the company is active mainly in electricity trading and the
                    thus  be  achieved  from  the  financial  year  2020  onwards.   development of hydroelectric power plant projects in many
                    KELAG operates a total of 12 wind turbines in Burgenland,   countries in central and southeastern Europe. The KELAG
                    19 wind turbines near the Black Sea coast (Romania and   Group currently has a total of 13 hydroelectric power plants
                    Bulgaria) and, at the end of the year, also 5 wind turbines in   operating in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo
                    Jasenice (Croatia).                           with  a  total  installed  capacity  of  around  52 MW  and  an
                                                                  annual production of around 174 GWh. Construction of the
                    The development of further new wind power projects in   small-scale  hydroelectric  power  plant  in  Vrbnica
                    the municipality of Nikitsch, amounting to around 50 MW,   (Montenegro)  with  a  capacity  of  around  6.5  MW  is
                    is  dependent  upon  the  Burgenland  government’s   scheduled  for  completion  at  the  beginning  of  2020.  In
                    identification of suitable zones. The state of Burgenland is   addition, several small-scale PV power plants with a total
                    currently working on a climate and energy strategy.   installed capacity of around 3 MW are operated in Slovenia.

                                                                  Through further acquisitions of heating plants, Interenergo
                    The PV on-roof systems that were surveyed in the financial   d.o.o. extended its production environment to include the
                    year 2018 as part of an analysis of potential and approved   operation of heating plants and district heating grids. The
                    by the authorities were submitted to the funding body at   current installed capacity of 13 MW and the corresponding
                    the beginning of 2019. Following approval, the installation   annual average production level of 11 GWh serve as a basis
                    of the systems at the three selected locations were publicly   for the further expansion of the Energy Services business
                    tendered and a contract was awarded. The installation of   division.
                    the  systems  commenced  at  the  end  of  August;  the  final
                    system was put into operation at the end of October and   Through  KI-KELAG  International  GmbH’s  takeover  of  a
                    has been feeding renewable electricity into the public grid   hydroelectric  power  project  in  Northern  Italy  (Belluno),
                    since then.                                   Kelag entered the Italian market at the end of 2019. The
                                                                  existing project is to be further developed in the coming
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