Page 25 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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and inspected. The majority of the work in this context was
                                                         performed  by  the  company’s  own  technicians.  The
                                                         necessary  measures  commenced  in  March  and  were
                                                         successfully   completed   in   November   with   the
                                                         recommissioning of both machine units.

                                                         In  2018,  KELAG  commissioned  the  investor-funded
                                                         Kremsbrücke-Oberstufe power plant on the Lieser in the
                                                         region  of  Spittal  an  der  Drau  (KELAG’s  overall  share  is
           The  Group  is  one  of  the  major  Austrian  producers  of   approx. 25%, the rest belongs to three private investors).
           electricity  from  hydroelectric  power.  In  addition,  the   The expansion capacity is around 2.5MW with an annual
           company is active in the field of wind power and selectively   production  capacity  of  around  12  GWh.  In  mid-2018,
           implements  projects in  the  area  of  photovoltaics. With  a   construction began on the Kremsbrücke-Unterstufe power
           total of 99 of its own power plants and drawing on purchase   plant  with  a  capacity  of  around  6 MW  and  an  annual
           rights from third-party power plants, a total power plant   production  of  around  29  GWh.  By  the  end  of  2019,  the
           capacity  of  around  1,369 MW  and  a  total  production   collecting tanks, the power house and the majority of the
           volume of about 3.4 TWh is available in an average year. The   pressure pipes had been completed. The installation of the
           Group’s own largest production facilities are located in the   electromechanical   equipment   and   corresponding
           Fragant power plant group in upper Carinthia.   commissioning is planned for the first half of 2020.

           Steps to increase efficiency at KELAG’s largest run-of-the-
           river  power  plant  in  Schütt  were  completed  in  summer   Various  replacement  investments  and  maintenance
           2019. Since July 2019, the power plant has been generating   measures were implemented in the financial year 2019 to
           renewable  electricity  again  in  an  optimised  form.  The   ensure the availability and safety of the existing production
           renovated  power  plant  was  presented  to  the  public  in   facilities:
           October 2019. The new Archimedean screw constructed in
           the course of the plant overhaul has also been in operation    At the Innerfragant power plant-level Oschenik 3, a new
           since July 2019. Thanks to the innovative system, the legally   Pelton wheel was installed and put into operation. This
           stipulated amount of residual water at the weir can be used   measure will increase the machine unit’s efficiency.
           to  generate  energy.  Fish  migration  will  be  monitored

           during the spawning season in 2020.
                                                             As part of the digitalisation and automation strategy,
                                                              selected measures for the integration and visualisation
                                                              of small-scale power plant systems were carried out.
           In  the  course  of  the  refurbishment  work  being  done  in
           parallel  at  the  upper  reservoir  (Feldsee)  and  the  lower
                                                         Another  focus  was  on  implementing  measures  for
           reservoir (Wurtenboden) of the Feldsee pumped storage
                                                         automation  and  process  visualisation  in  various  power
           power  station,  important  maintenance  work  was  also
                                                         plant areas.
           performed on both machine units and the corresponding
           ball valves. In addition to this, the vertical shaft was drained
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