Page 24 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 24

compiled,  which  are  aimed  at enhancing  KELAG’s  digital
                    maturity in a targeted manner. The measures identified are
                    continuously  implemented  and  incorporated  in  the
                    digitalisation strategy in the form of initiatives in various

                    The digital trainee programme was successfully established
                    to  support  the  implementation  of  the  digitalisation
                    initiatives. The  digitalisation  projects  carried  out  in  2019
                    focused  on  digitalising  processes,  digital  power  plants,
                    predicting  customer  churn  in  sales,  using  artificial
                    intelligence,  digital  recruiting  as  well  as  developing
                    innovative long-range wide-area networks (LoRaWAN) for
                    transmitting data on heat consumption. The projects were
                    presented  at  KELAG’s  “Digital  Day”  alongside  motivating
                    talks by external speakers. Due to the successful progress of
                    the  programme,  it  was  decided  to  launch  a  further
                    programme for 2020.

                    Innovative customer services are developed and tested in
                    several workshops on the basis of consumption data. The
                    objective is to be able to offer customers more targeted and
                    prompt advice with respect to billing, energy efficiency and
                    energy services.
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