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industry  as  well  as  the  trends  of  decarbonisation,
                                                                  decentralisation,   digitalisation   and   democratisation
                                                                  influence entrepreneurial activity, in particular.

                    The future of energy is green, digital and electric, and as one
                                                                  In light of the climate and energy strategy of the Austrian
                    of  the  leading  energy  service  providers  in  Austria,  the
                                                                  Federal  Government  (#mission2030)  and  improved
                    KELAG Group is actively involved in shaping this future. The
                                                                  conditions  with  regard  to  profitability,  the  focus  of  the
                    company  is  committed  to  this  guiding  principle  and
                                                                  company is increasingly placed on investment growth in
                    continues to pursue a strategy of value-based growth and
                                                                  the area of renewable energies. The portfolio is selectively
                    innovation based on renewable energies. In the context of
                                                                  extended to include hydroelectric power, wind power and
                    this strategic guiding principle, the Group sees itself as a
                                                                  photovoltaics in Austria and southeast Europe as well as
                    green, customer-focused and digital energy provider that
                                                                  district  heating  based  on  biomass  and  waste  heat. With
                    not  only  faces  up  to  the  challenging  environmental
                                                                  new, customer-specific products and energy services, we
                    conditions but also contributes to the security of energy
                                                                  will also achieve organic growth on the Austrian electricity,
                    supply in a forward-looking manner. The effects of the new
                                                                  gas and heat markets.
                    energy  concept  combined  with  additional  regulatory
                    intervention  in  the  market  mechanisms  of  the  energy

                                                      Corporate strategy
                                Growth                      Innovation                Value management

                      Selective growth in investment in   Positioning as a customer-oriented   Value-based and sustainable
                      renewable energies            energy service provider of the future  management as an overarching
                      • Hydroelectric power in Carinthia  Establishment in the area of energy
                                                    efficiency and decentralised solutions  • Securing financing power through solid
                      • Wind power and PV power in Austria
                                                                                    equity ratio and creditworthiness (rating)
                                                    • Energy consulting and management
                      • District heating based on biomass and
                                                                                  • Risk-appropriate return on investments
                       waste heat usage in Austria  • Prosumer products: PV, storage solutions
                                                                                  • Organisational and operational excellence
                      • Hydroelectric power, wind power and PV   • E-mobility: products and services
                       power outside Austria                                        (cost efficiency, optimising business
                                                    • Campaigns to strengthen  Energy+ / EDL  processes, optimising margins) as part of
                      Organic, customer-oriented growth in   Driving forward innovation management  the „kelag2025“ development project
                      the sale of electricity, gas and heat in                    • Optimising capital allocation
                      Austria                       • Pursuing strategic innovation fields
                                                                                  • Utilising economies of scale and potential
                      • Targeted customer loyalty measures and   • Innovation network/cooperations
                                                                                    synergies within the Group
                       new customer wins through active sales,   Digitalisation and smart services
                       product and price differentiation                          • Increase in business value and high value
                                                    • E-commerce/online marketing   added for the region
                      • Driving forward energy services and
                                                    • Process digitalization (robotic process
                       Energy+ products
                                                      automation, analytics, maintenance)
                      Selective growth in investment in fibre
                      optic and e-mobility infrastructure  • Smart metering/smart services
                                                  kelag2025 development project
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