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2020. The directive must be transposed into national law by   The package of laws in the coming of years will provide for
                    31 December 2020.                             around  EUR 550m  in  subsidies  for  renewable  electricity
                                                                  from  hydropower,  wind  power,  photovoltaics  as  well  as
                                                                  from biomass and biogas. For wind power, the waiting list
                                                                  will  be  completely  eliminated  by  bringing  forward  the
                    With the Austrian Federal Law Gazette (BGBl.) I No. 43/2019,   subsidy quota under the applicable Green Electricity Act
                    the  federal  constitutional  law  on  supporting  electricity   from 2021 to 2020 and changing the calculation method.
                    produced   from   biomass   (“Biomasseförderung-  Also in the area of hydroelectric power, the waiting list will
                    Grundsatzgesetz”)  was  adopted.  The  legislation  includes   be  completely  eliminated  for  small-scale  hydroelectric
                    those green electricity plants based on solid biomass and   power plants by changing the calculation method for the
                    based  on  waste  with  a  high  biomass  content  (biogenic   subsidy  quota.  For  medium-scale  hydroelectric  power
                    fraction),  the  subsidy  period  (feed-in  tariffs)  of  which   plants,  it  was  possible  to  implement  projects  already
                    expired in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The federal states   planned  by  stepping  up  subsidies  and  adjusting  the
                    are to provide subsidies for three years for these electricity   eligibility  criteria.  Incentives  for  investment  and  the
                    plants by way of (nine) implementing acts. The amount of   elimination of taxes for owners of PV systems is aimed at
                    the subsidised feed-in tariff is to be decided by the regional   encouraging the development of the area of photovoltaics
                    government by ordinance. The regulations for subsequent   and  storage.  In  the  area  of  biomass  and  biogas,
                    tariffs  are  to  be  applied  in  line  with  the  current  Green   arrangements  for  successors  were  found,  ensuring  the
                    Electricity Act and E-Control Austria's appraisal.   continued operation of several production facilities for the
                                                                  coming years.
                    The  distribution  grid  operators  of  the  Austrian  federal
                    states are obliged to purchase and pay compensation for
                    the  green  electricity  from  all  installations  in  their
                    geographically  defined  areas. The  funds  required  for  the   Within  the  framework  of  multi-year  incentive-based
                    compensation  payment  can  be  collected  from  the  end   regulation, the new SNE-V 2018 (2019 amendment to the
                    customers connected to the public grid in the respective   2018  system  user  charge  ordinance)  came into  effect  on
                    federal state via a mark-up on the grid user charges and grid   1 January 2019 on the basis of the fourth regulatory period
                    loss charges. The federal constitutional law on supporting   for electricity (2019 to 2023). With this ordinance, the tariffs
                    electricity  produced  from  biomass  (“Biomasseförderung-  for system user charges were reissued on a consolidated
                    Grundsatzgesetz”) came into effect on 29 May 2019.   basis and adjusted from 1 January 2019 to the new amount.
                                                                  For specific private customers in Carinthia, this entailed a
                                                                  net increase in network user charges (grid user charges and
                                                                  grid loss charges per grid level) of around 7%, according to
                    With  the  adoption  of  the  amendment  to  the  Green   Energy-Control Austria.
                    Electricity  Act  (Austrian Federal  Law  Gazette  (BGBl.)  I  No.
                    97/2019) in September 2019, a transitional provision for the
                    promotion of renewable energies was established pending
                    political  agreement  on  a  new  amendment  of  the  Green   Within  the  framework  of  multi-year  incentive-based
                    Electricity  Act  [“Erneuerbaren  Ausbaugesetz”  -  Act  to   regulation,  the  new  system  user  charge  ordinance  for
                    expand the use of renewable energies].        natural gas (GSNE-VO 2013 – 2019 amendment) came into
                                                                  effect on 1 January 2019 on the basis of the third regulatory
                                                                  period for natural gas (2018 to 2022). System user charges
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