Page 192 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 192

The annual and consolidated financial statements, together
                                                                  with the books and records and management report and
                                                                  group  management  report,  were  audited  by  audit  firm
                                                                  KPMG  Austria  GmbH  -  Wirtschaftsprüfungs  und
                                                                  Steuerberatungsgesellschaft. The auditors reported on the
                                                                  result in writing and found that the books and records as
                                                                  well as the annual and consolidated financial statements
                                                                  comply  with  the  legal  requirements  and  that  the
                                                                  management  report  and  group  management  report  are
                                                                  consistent  with  the  annual  and  consolidated  financial
                                                                  statements in accordance with Sec. 274 (1) UGB (Austrian
                                                                  Commercial  Code).  The  auditors  therefore  issued  an
                    In five meetings in the reporting year 2019, the Supervisory
                                                                  unqualified auditor’s report.
                    Board  performed  the  tasks  and  exercised  the  power

                    assigned to it by law and the articles of incorporation and
                                                                  The  Supervisory  Board  acknowledged  the  result  of  the
                                                                  audit with approval.

                    In written and oral reports, the Board of Directors kept the
                                                                  After  thorough  examination  and  discussion  in  the  audit
                    Supervisory  Board  informed  regularly,  comprehensively
                                                                  committee and Supervisory Board, the Supervisory Board
                    and without delay about all significant aspects of business
                                                                  approved the annual financial statements for the financial
                    development as well as about the position and strategy of
                                                                  year 2019 prepared by the Board of Directors, as a result of
                    the company and the progress of business, including the
                                                                  which these are ratified in accordance with Sec. 96 (4) AktG
                    significant group entities, as well as about the risk situation
                                                                  (Austrian Stock Corporation Act). The management report
                    and risk management. The Supervisory Board was informed
                                                                  of the Board of Directors was authorised and the proposal
                    about measures that required its approval in good time and
                                                                  for the appropriation of profits approved. The Supervisory
                    with comprehensive details. The controls performed during
                                                                  Board acknowledged the consolidated financial statements
                    the ongoing reporting of the Board of Directors did not give
                                                                  and group management report with approval.
                    rise to any objections.

                                                                  In giving its approval, the Supervisory Board recognises and
                    The  audit  committee  of  Supervisory  Board  held  five
                                                                  thanks the Board of Directors and company employees for
                    meetings, in which it dealt with all documents relating to
                                                                  the work they have done.
                    the annual financial statements in order to prepare for the

                    resolution  of  the  annual  financial  statements  and
                                                                           On behalf of the Supervisory Board:
                    appointment of the auditor and reported on these to the
                                                                               Mag. Gilbert Isep e.h.
                    Supervisory Board.
                                                                           Chairman of the Supervisory Board
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