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continue to commit to drafting additional climate targets   Both legislative acts contain measures aimed at adapting
           every five years and thereby abide by the rulebook of the   the electricity market design so that the competitiveness of
           Paris  Agreement  from  2015.  Other  key  decisions  were   the European Union is maintained even with the transition
           postponed until the climate change conference to be held   to more eco-friendly energies. In particular, the new legal
           in Glasgow in 2020.                           provisions are designed to prepare the electricity market
                                                         more  effectively  than  up  to  now  for  the  challenges
           In particular, no agreement was reached on negotiations on   presented by the conversion to “clean energies”.
           the  market  mechanism,  a  new  rulebook  on  trading
           emission allowances. There was also disagreement on how   To achieve this objective, the directive on internal market in
           strongly the member states should be urged in the final   electricity creates new market players and shifts the focus
           declaration  to  submit  more  ambitious  national  plans  on   more  to  consumers.  The  aim  is  to  improve  the  role  of
           cutting greenhouse gases in 2020. With the exception of   consumers,  not  only  by  strengthening  consumer
           the EU, which presented its “European Green Deal” at the   protection further but also by providing consumers with
           Conference, thus declaring its commitment to the goal of   the  opportunity  to  participate  actively  in  the  electricity
           carbon neutrality by 2050, only a few of the member states   markets  (“active  customers”).  For  example,  the  directive
           committed  to  supporting  climate  protection  more   establishes the right to dynamic pricing (time-varying rate)
           intensively in the future.                    plans  and  shortens  the  notice  period  for  switching
                                                         suppliers.  What  are  known  as  “aggregators”  bundle
                                                         generation  or  load,  and  for  new  “groupings  of  energy
                                                         consumers” share a portion of the achieved savings from
           On 23 September 2019, the Secretary-General of the United
                                                         the optimised portfolio with the participating customers.
           Nations invited all leaders to come to New York City for a
           climate  summit  to  accelerate  the  implementation  of  the
                                                         Similar to the European Network of Transmission System
           Paris Agreement and thus address the challenges of climate
                                                         Operators,  an  association  at  European  level  is  also  to  be
           change.  The  main  focus  was  on  building  partnerships
                                                         established for distribution grid operators to increase the
           between  nations,  companies,  cities  and  civil  society. The
                                                         efficiency  of  the  distribution  grids  and  ensure  close
           aim of the summit was to implement the agreements of the
                                                         collaboration with the transmission system operators.
           Paris Convention and to create momentum for policies for
           sustainable  development.  At  this  special  climate  action
                                                         The EU regulation on electricity trading aims to strengthen
           summit, it was agreed that the UN member states improve
                                                         the electricity wholesale markets and increase cross-border
           their nationally determined contributions by next year at
                                                         exchanges  of  electricity  in  the  EU  by  redefining  the
           the latest.                                   principles  governing  the  functioning  of  the  electricity
                                                         markets. The objective is to set fair rules for cross-border
                                                         electricity trading and thereby enhance competition in the
                                                         internal electricity market. This is to be achieved via a new
           Following  the  agreement  reached  under  the  Austrian
                                                         method  for  establishing  and  determining  the  bidding
           Presidency  in  December  2018,  the  European  Parliament
                                                         zones within the internal market, among other things. In
           and  the  European  Council  adopted  the  two  pending   future, the EU Commission will be entitled to decide on the
           legislative proposals of the Clean Energy Package (CEP), an   merging or reconfiguring of individual zones.
           EU directive on internal market in electricity as well as an EU
           regulation on internal market in electricity at EU level in
                                                         Both  legislative  acts  came  into  effect  in  June  2019. The
           May 2019.
                                                         ordinance applies immediately and directly as of 1 January
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