Page 159 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 159

Derivative financial instruments relating to energy     7.1        0.0
            Prepaid electricity purchase costs                      6.9        7.6
            Sundry                                                  4.8        9.5
            OTHER NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES                         18.8        17.1

           The  prepaid  electricity  purchase  costs,  which  allow  beneficiaries  to  purchase  electricity  in
           exchange for production costs, are released through profit or loss in accordance with the useful
           lives of the power plants concerned. In the current financial year, EUR 0.8m (prior year: EUR 0.8m)
           was recorded in revenue. The current portion of these prepaid electricity purchase costs to be
           released through profit or loss is expected to come to EUR 0.8m (prior year: EUR 0.8m).

           Current financial liabilities accounted for EUR 22.1m in the reporting period (prior year: EUR 6.0m).
           For more details on the development of current financial liabilities, please refer to the tables
           included in the notes to non-current financial liabilities.
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