Page 14 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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At the beginning of December, the database networking
                                                                  between  the  nine  fire  brigade  district  offices  and  the
                    In the course of the annual rating review, Standard & Poor’s
                                                                  Alarm Call Centre Carinthia (LAWZ) was completed. The
                    once  again  confirmed  KELAG’s  excellent  credit  rating
                                                                  project by KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH and KELAG-Connect
                    with an A/stable rating.
                                                                  makes  a  significant  contribution  to  seamless  crisis
                                                                  communication  in  Carinthia  through  its  highly  secure
                    At  the  end  of  November,  the  Jasenice  wind  farm
                                                                  database network.
                    commenced  commercial  operation.  With  an  installed
                    capacity of around 10 MW, around 21.5 GWh of electricity
                                                                  In  December,  KI-KELAG  International  GmbH  took  over  a
                    will  be  produced  from  wind  power  beginning  in  the
                                                                  hydroelectric  power  project  in  Belluno,  Northern  Italy.
                    financial year 2020.  KI-KELAG International GmbH thus
                                                                  The existing project is to be further developed in the next
                    sets  another  example  in  its  10th  year  in  business  for  a
                                                                  two  years  through  investments  in  an  additional  power
                    green energy future.
                                                                  plant  and  the  takeover  of  another  power  plant  from
                                                                  currently  1.2 MW  to  6.0  MW  and  an  expected  annual
                    Together with KELAG, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH and HTL
                                                                  production level of around 21 GWh. With its market entry
                    Mössingerstrassee,  a  measuring  laboratory  for  testing
                                                                  in  Italy,  KELAG  reached  another  milestone  in  its  value-
                    batteries, PV systems and e-vehicles, among other things,
                                                                  based expansion of renewable energies abroad.
                    was  set  up  at  the  competence  centre  for  e-mobility  in
                    Kirchengasse.   High-tech   laboratory   workstations
                                                                  KELAG’s  social  media channels  have  already  more than
                    provide employees and technical educational institutions
                                                                  100,000 fans. KELAG also boasts the highest interaction rate
                    the opportunity to combine theory and practice.
                                                                  in  comparison  to  other  energy  providers  with  around
                                                                  500,000 interactive contributions, and is thus at the top
                    As part of the expansion of the Infineon factory in Villach
                                                                  of the ranking.
                    and  the  associated  higher  capacity  requirements  in  the
                    future, the renewal work at the existing Auen transformer
                                                                  At the end of the financial year 2019, construction for the
                    substation was successfully completed. In addition to the
                                                                  expansion  of  the  training  centre  of  our  apprentice
                    expansion of the 110-kV switchgear, a line connection of
                                                                  school in St. Veit an der Glan was completed.
                    the existing second 110-kV system was implemented and
                                                                  In December, KELAG was able to link one of its financing
                                                                  arrangements to the company’s efforts for sustainability for
                    The  low  pressure  system  “Detlef”  brought  floods  and
                                                                  the first time. The conditions of the EUR 250m credit line
                    heavy  rain,  which  led  to  mudslides  and  an  extreme
                                                                  are pegged exclusively to the sustainability efforts of the
                    avalanche  situation.  In  total,  170  technicians  from  KNG-
                                                                  KELAG Group. This has made a significant contribution to a
                    Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  were  deployed  over  several  days  to
                                                                  sustainable future.
                    remedy the disruptions.
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