Page 131 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 131

Cost of materials                                     -64.6       -60.8
            Cost of purchased services                           -838.2      -850.2
              thereof electricity purchase                        -751.0     -768.7
              thereof natural gas purchase                        -54.8       -48.4
              thereof third-party services                        -32.4       -33.1

           In  the  reporting  period  2019,  EUR -2.6m  was  recorded  as  cost  of  purchased  services  from
           measurements of derivative contracts relating to energy whose primary purpose is a physical
           delivery of energy.

            Wages and salaries                                 -125.5        -123.5
            Expenses for statutory social security contributions, payroll-
            related charges and mandatory contributions        -28.8          -28.0
            Expenses for trainees’ wages                        -1.3          -1.3
            Other expenses relating to social security          -1.5          -1.5
            SUBTOTAL                                          -157.1        -154.2
            Expenses for severance payments                     -1.3          -1.2
            Expenses for old-age pensions                       -6.6          -5.8
            TOTAL PERSONNEL EXPENSES                          -165.0        -161.2

           Wages  and  salaries  include  an  expansion  of  the  phased  retirement  model,  which  came  to
           EUR 12,5m in 2019 (prior year: EUR 16.1m).

           The contributions paid to welfare funds for employees in the financial year 2019 amounted to
           EUR 0.7m (prior year: EUR 0.6m). The contributions paid into the defined contribution pension
           fund (Veranlagungs- und Risikogemeinschaft) in the financial year 2019 totalled EUR 4.1m (prior
           year: EUR 4.1m).

           The number of employees, measured as the annual average number of full-time equivalents (part-
           time jobs taken into account pro rata), is as follows in the KELAG Group:
   126   127   128   129   130   131   132   133   134   135   136