Page 13 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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transformer  and  the  20-kV  switchgear,  this  project  also
                                                         includes the 110-kV line connection as well as several 20-kV
           To build on and intensify their long-standing constructive
                                                         connections to the existing electricity grid in the region.
           collaboration,  KELAG  and  the  Carinthian  state  police
           headquarters joined forces in a safety partnership in July as
                                                         In the ongoing smart meter rollout, the 100,000th smart
           part  of  the  GEMEINSAM.SICHER  “(TOGETHER:SAFE”)
                                                         meter was installed in September. A milestone in the smart
                                                         metering  project.  Around  30%  of  the  grid  customers  in
                                                         Carinthia  have  thus  converted  to  the  electronic  power
           The information security management system (ISMS) of
           KELAG  and  KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH  was  certified  for
           the first time in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC
                                                         The  natural  gas  grid  of  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  was
           27019. The  certification  is  an  important milestone  in  the
                                                         certified with repeated positive results by the Austrian
           area  of  information  security  in  the  KELAG  Group.  This
                                                         Association for Gas and Water (Österreichische Vereinigung
           enables  us  to  counter  the  future  challenges  facing
                                                         für das Gas- und Wasserfach - ÖVGW).
           providers of essential services and the increasing threats of
           cyber-attacks as well as protect the information assets of
                                                         In October, the Forstsee reservoir was partially drained in
           the company.
                                                         order to inspect the underwater system components and
                                                         prepare the plan for refurbishment in 2020.
           On  account  of  the  refurbishment  of  the  upper  reservoir
           (Feldsee)  and  the  lower  reservoir  (Wurtenboden),
                                                         Following  a  construction  period  of  approximately  four
           maintenance  work  was  also  performed  on  the  machine
                                                         weeks,  the  three  PV on-roof systems  at  the  operational
           units and the ball valves of the Feldsee pumped storage
                                                         sites  in  Kirchengasse,  Villach  and  Wolfsberg  went  into
           power station.
                                                         operation  and  since  then  have  fed  around  500  MWh  of
                                                         clean and renewable PV electricity per year into the public
           In addition to many new technological developments, an
           ecologically innovative solution was also implemented in
           the course of the complete renovation of the Schütt weir
                                                         KELAG  supported  the  art  project  FOR  FOREST  by
           system. Since July 2019, a combination of an Archimedean
                                                         sponsoring  trees. This project,  which  received  attention
           screw and a hydrodynamic screw turbine has allowed fish
                                                         worldwide, deals with a temporary art intervention of the
           to pass the weir over a six-meter difference in water levels.
                                                         art mediator Klaus Littmann based in Basel who turned the
                                                         Wörthersee  Stadium  in  Klagenfurt  into  Austria‘s  largest
                                                         public art installation up to the end of October 2019.
           The Jasenice wind farm near Zadar in Croatia commenced   In  the  autumn,  KELAG  Energie & Wärme  GmbH  acquired
           test operations after a construction period of only a few   WRS Naturwärme Holding GmbH and as a result of the
           months.                                       purchase of the company with six existing biomass heating
                                                         plants  and  district  heating  grids  further  expanded  its
           With  the  newly  constructed  substation  in  Gmünd,  the   market position. The share of waste heat and biomass thus
           Gmünd/Liesertal/Maltatal  region  can  be  adequately  and   increased from 62% to 65%.
           reliably supplied with electricity over the next few decades.
           In  addition  to  the  substation  with  the  110/20-kV
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