Page 12 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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In March 2019, the Austrian society for consumer studies   energy  concept  award  2019)  in  the  category  “Energy
                    (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien - ÖGVS)   efficiency” in  May.  In  this context,  the range  of  products
                    together  with  the  business  magazine  “trend”  again   offered by more than 1,800 energy service providers from
                    conducted a study on the electricity suppliers segment.   the GSA (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) region in the
                    KELAG was the only service provider to achieve a perfect   areas of electricity, heating, mobility and energy efficiency
                    score in the “diversity” category.            were compared.

                    At  the  Wiederschwing  reservoir,  desedimentation   The PlusClub line and the customer magazine “Energie
                    measures using suction dredging were carried out back in   aus Kärnten” (energy from Carinthia) were given a  new
                    summer 2018. In spring 2019, the reservoir was drained and   layout as part of a relaunch in early summer 2019 and now
                    all the underwater system components were inspected in   have  an  even  more  attractive  design.  The  customer
                    the presence of the proper authority. The measures were   magazine “Energie aus Kärnten” is published twice a year
                    accompanied  by  a  comprehensive  ecological monitoring   and is a key point of contact to our customers.
                                                                  In  May  2019,  the  “Kärnten  Energy  Globe  Awards”  in
                    The Regional Government of Carinthia held its fifth  ”Tag   Carinthia honoured projects focusing on energy efficiency,
                    der Einsatzkräfte” (a recognition day for law enforcement   natural resources conservation and the use of renewable
                    and emergency task forces) at the end of March, and as a   energies.  KELAG  Energie  & Wärme  GmbH  received  the
                    sign  of  gratitude  and  recognition  also  honoured   excellent second place for the federal state of Carinthia.
                    representatives from KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH and KELAG,
                    which deploy employees also across borders in the event of   The  traditional  KELAG-Summer  Circle  for  key  accounts
                    severe weather disasters.                     and  stakeholders  took  place  in  the  summer  under  the
                                                                  slogan “Dimensionen des Erfolgs” (Dimensions of success).
                    The  overhaul  of  the  Schütt  run-of-the-river  power   Around 250 customers accepted the invitation to Schau-
                    station, both  KELAG’s  largest  and  oldest run-of-the-river   Kraftwerk Forstsee.
                    power plant, was completed in summer 2019. At the end of
                    April,  use  of  the  dam  at  the  weir  system  was  already   At  the  three-day  disaster  management  exercise
                    resumed  and  the  retrofitted  upstream  channel  was   “Combined  Success  2019”  organised  by  the  state  of
                    successfully filled.                          Carinthia,  a  widespread  power  outage  in  Carinthia  was
                                                                  simulated.  The  aim  of  such  training  is  to  consolidate
                    In spring 2019, the sustainability activities of KELAG carried   internal crisis management as well as cooperation with all
                    out over many years were assessed for the first time by the   other emergency services to be prepared for an emergency
                    internationally  renowned  business  sustainability  rating   response to a blackout.
                    agency  EcoVadis.  With  its  silver  sustainability  rating,
                    KELAG is among the 10% of the best-rated companies in the   Construction  of  the  Kremsbrücke-Unterstufe  power
                    energy industry.                              plant progressed rapidly in 2019. The expansion capacity
                                                                  will be around 6 MW with an annual production capacity of
                                                                  29 GWh.

                    As part of the innovation platform “The smarter E Europe”,
                    KELAG was awarded the Energiewende Award 2019 (new
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