Page 11 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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lighting  with  a  “clever  light”  function,  which  intensifies
                                                         dimmed lighting when people or cars approach, offers a
                                                         new energy-efficient and cost-effective type of intelligent
                                                         lighting management.

                                                         At the 32nd “Häuslbauermesse” construction trade fair,
                                                         which  took  place  in  Klagenfurt  am  Wörthersee  from
           The new Energy+ sales unit commenced its activities at
                                                         22 February  to  24 February  2019,  KELAG  presented  itself
           the  beginning  of  the  financial  year  2019.  Its  future  core
                                                         once again as one of the leading energy service providers
           responsibility is the active selling of standardised products,
                                                         in  Austria.  A  charging  solution  for  electric  vehicles
           mainly  in  the  areas  of  photovoltaics  and  energy
                                                         specifically for private homes including installation service
           management.  The  product  portfolio  offers  solutions  for
                                                         was presented for the first time.
           retail and business customers as well as individual project
           solutions for business customers and municipalities.
           In  January  2019,  there  was  heavy  snowfall  in  northern
           Austria, causing in some cases considerable disruption to   Construction  work  to  expand  the  Nikitsch  wind  farm
           the  electricity  supply.  To  fix  the  numerous  disruptions,   commenced on schedule in March 2019. Two wind turbines
           technicians  from  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  supported   with a total capacity of 4.7 MW will be installed there. After
           colleagues from Salzburger Netze GmbH to restore power   its commissioning, which is planned for the financial year
           for customers as quickly as possible.         2020,  the  Nikitsch  wind  farm  will  have  a  total  installed
                                                         capacity of around 27 MW and an annual energy output of
           Likewise in January, the Slovenian subsidiary Interenergo   around 64 GWh.
           d.o.o. successfully concluded the takeover of two heating
           plants at the Moravce and Semic locations.    In  mid-March,  renewal  work  commenced  at  the
                                                         Wurtenboden  and  Feldsee  storage  systems  of  the
           KELAG  Energie  &  Wärme  GmbH  won  an  amazing  first   Fragant power plant group. In Wurtenboden, the asphalt
           place in the category of national large-scale companies in   surface sealing was renewed and overtopping protection
           the  well-known  Austrian  business  award  competition   for  debris  blockage  of  the  spillway  was  installed.  At  the
           ”Austria’s Leading Companies (ALC)”. In the competition,   Feldsee reservoir, underground sealing using a secant pile
           top companies are measured on the basis of their economic   wall was constructed.
           performance and measures for sustainability and corporate
           responsibility.                               After  more  than  five  decades  of  reliable  operation,  the
                                                         Radenthein  substation  was  completely  overhauled  in
           A first step for smart city components was taken with the   order to continue to guarantee security of electricity supply
           “SmartPole  demonstrator”,  a  pilot  project  of  KNG-  in   the   municipalities   of   Radenthein   and   Bad
           Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  (KNG).  KNG  together  with  KELAG   Kleinkirchheim.
           makes free WLAN available within a radius of approximately
           50  meters  of  intelligent  streetlights. The  energy-saving
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