Page 100 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
P. 100

Amendments to
                                              references in the        29/3/2018
                                     Various   conceptual             (29/11/2019)       1/1/2020       None
                                              framework of the
                                              Amendments:      22/10/2018 (expected
                                     IFRS 3   Definition of a         for Q1/2020)       1/1/2020    See below
                                     IAS 1    Amendments:             31/10/2018         1/1/2020       None
                                     IAS 8    Definition of Material   (29/11/2019)
                                     IAS 39   Amendments:
                                     IFRS 7   Interest Rate    26/9/2019 (15/1/2020)     1/1/2020       None
                                     IFRS 9   Benchmark Reform

                                      The amendments to IFRS 3 contain clarifications on the definition of business combinations and
                                      acquisitions of a group of assets excluded from the scope of IFRS 3. Subject to the form of future
                                      share purchases, this clarification could mean that these shares are more likely to be classified as
                                      groups of assets. This will depend on the resources, significant processes or abilities to generate
                                      earnings affected by the acquisition and also on the type and number of the respective assets
                                      being acquired. This will have to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

                                                            18/05/2017 (currently no
                                               Insurance       information available
                                       IFRS 17                                                          None
                                               Contracts          about a planned
                                                                   adoption date)

                                      In  March  2019,  the  IFRS  Interpretations  Committee  addressed  the  accounting  treatment  of
                                      “Contracts to buy or sell non-financial assets within the scope of IFRS 9”. The resulting Agenda
                                      Decision amended the presentation of measurement gains/losses from energy derivatives in the
                                      income statement: According to this, the measurement gain/loss from derivatives is split into
                                      purchase and sale contracts and presented accordingly under revenue or under cost of materials
                                      and  of  purchased  services  in  the  income  statement.  The  measurement  gains/losses  from
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