Page 10 - KELAG Annual Report 2019
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the underground car park. This is a major step for the future   Wiersma: Continuing our value-based growth is at the core
                    of e-mobility.                                of our strategy. The focus is on developing and expanding
                                                                  the area of renewable energies – hydroelectric power, wind
                    Freitag:  KELAG  sees  itself  as  an  independent  and   power,  photovoltaics  and  biomass.  Securing  project
                    manufacturer-independent  partner  in  e-mobility  and  is   locations in a timely manner and developing potential for
                    gradually  also  converting  its  vehicle  fleet  to  electric   expansion  is  essential  to  be  able  to  implement  growth
                    vehicles. Parallel to this, the internal charging infrastructure   projects in Austria and abroad in the coming years. At the
                    is  being  expanded  at  all  locations.  In  November  2019,  a   same time, we also have to create the financial headroom
                    unique  project  was  implemented  in  the  e-mobility   by  improving  performance  and  cost  management  to  be
                    competence  centre  in  Kirchengasse:  Austria’s  first  joint   successful in shaping the new energy concept into a digital
                    measuring laboratory, shared by KELAG, KNG-Kärnten Netz   and green transformation of the energy system.
                    GmbH and HTL Mössingerstrasse. This facility will not only
                    enhance efficiency for our company, but it will also be used   For the coming financial year, we hope to continue to have
                    regularly  by  educational  institutions  and  KELAG  trainees   a great deal of energy to pursue the path to the energy
                    and  facilitate  practical  training  on  the  key  topic  of  e-  future successfully together with our customers, partners
                    mobility.                                     and employees. We would like to thank our employees for
                                                                  their hard work and outstanding dedication as well as our
                                                                  customers  and  business  partners  for  the  trust  that  they
                    Freitag: We need to be aware that the transformation to   place in us.
                    becoming a digital, innovative and climate-neutral energy
                    service provider is an open-ended process. The topics of
                    digitalisation,  innovation,  renewable  energies  and
                    sustainability will be with us constantly in the coming years.
                    Due to the continuous transformation of our industry, we
                    must be efficient, agile and digital on a sustainable basis.   Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Freitag   Dkfm. Armin Wiersma
                    While we have already laid an important foundation, we   Member of the Board   Member of the Board
                    must  build  on  these  successes  and  continue  to  actively   of Directors   of Directors
                    shape our future.
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