Page 90 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 90

1        Listed securities        Market-based        Nominal values, listed values
                                                                             Forward price curve derived from quoted
                       2        Unlisted energy forwards   Income-based      prices, yield curve, credit risk of the
                                                                             contracting partner
                                                                             Cash flows already fixed or determined
                                Unlisted interest rate hedging
                       2                                 Income-based        using forward rates, yield curve, credit risk of
                                                                             the contracting partner
                                                                             An assumption is made for each immaterial
                                                                             investment under this item that their
                       -        Other investments        -                   acquisition cost is an approximate
                                                                             representation of fair value (see
                                                                             IFRS 9.B5.2.3).
                                Cash and cash equivalents, trade
                                receivables and trade payables,
                                current other receivables, other             Carrying amounts as a realistic estimate of
                       -                                 -
                                cash received as part of current             fair value
                                borrowings and current other
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