Page 79 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 79

Receivables from offsetting of taxes                5.0           15.1
                                       Prepayments                                         10.2           2.4
                                       Market value of derivatives                         48.2          26.7
                                       Other                                               11.9          31.9
                                       TOTAL SUNDRY RECEIVABLES AND ASSETS                75.3           76.1

                                      The  item  “Other”  contains  receivables  from  green  electricity  contributions,  indemnification
                                      claims, accrued interest, etc. as of the reporting date. With the exception of the derivatives, the
                                      remaining receivables and assets have been accounted for at amortised cost, which essentially
                                      corresponded to their fair values. The derivatives were recognised at fair value.

                                       Cash in hand                                           0.0         0.1
                                       Bank balances                                         134.6      160.7
                                       TOTAL CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS IN THE STATEMENT OF
                                       FINANCIAL POSITION                                   134.7       160.8

                                      For an explanation of the change in cash and cash equivalents, please refer to the statement of
                                      cash flows of the KELAG Group.

                                      Issued capital was unchanged at EUR 58.2m and is divided into 8,000,000 registered no-par value
                                      shares. There were no options to issue new shares.

                                      The accumulated profits or losses reported in the statement of changes in equity included the
                                      statutory reserve, which was unchanged on the prior year at EUR 5.8m and subject to restrictions
                                      on distribution and, with 10% of the issued capital, was fully endowed in accordance with stock
                                      corporation law.
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