Page 51 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 51

The segments and the information to be reported are based on the internal management and
                                      reporting (management approach).

                                      In segment reporting, the business activities of the KELAG Group are allocated to the following

                                          Electricity/Gas;
                                          Heat;
                                          Investments/Misc.

                                      The  segments  in  these  consolidated  financial  statements  follow  the  management  approach
                                      concept set out in IFRS 8.5 and reflect the basis on which the management and control of the
                                      company’s economic situation is carried out by the Group’s chief operating decision makers. This
                                      corresponds to the internal reporting.

                                      The Electricity/Gas segment contains the following (where applicable) for each product:

                                          Production;
                                          Trading;
                                          Distribution; and
                                          Grid.

                                      The Heat segment includes all activities in the field of utilising waste heat and bio-energy to
                                      supply heat on domestic and foreign markets.

                                      The Investments/Misc. segment consists of:

                                          management and control functions as well as activities in the field of domestic investments;
                                          activities in the telecommunications sector.

                                      The accounting policies applied to the reportable segments are the same as those described in
                                      the group accounting guidelines.
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