Page 19 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 19

The application of IFRS 9 only had an immaterial impact on the classification and measurement
                                      of financial instruments in the KELAG Group. Depending on the type of financial instrument and
                                      business model, the new categories provide for recognition at cost or fair value (in either the profit
                                      or loss for the period or other comprehensive income). The table below and the subsequent
                                      explanations show the original and new measurement categories pursuant to IAS 39 and IFRS 9
                                      for each class of financial instrument:

                                    Financial assets
                                    Other interests in other entities   FAAC   FVtOCI*   0.7         0.0
                                    Securities              HTM           AC           25.2          25.2
                                    Other loans             LAR           AC           3.0           3.0
                                    Other financial instruments   LAR     AC           7.3           7.3
                                    Trade receivables       LAR           AC           106.3         106.3
                                    Receivables from other investees   LAR   AC        2.4           2.4
                                    and investors
                                    Derivative financial instruments
                                    relating to energy      FAHFT         FVtPL        26.7          26.7
                                    Other financial instruments   LAR     AC           2.6           2.6
                                    Cash and cash equivalents   LAR       AC           160.8         160.8

                                    Financial liabilities
                                    Bonds                   FLAAC         AC           302.7         302.7
                                    Financial liabilities to banks and   FLAAC   AC    124.7         124.7
                                    Derivative financial instruments   FLHFT   FVtPL   1.2           1.2
                                    for finance purposes
                                    Other financial instruments   FLAAC   AC           15.6          15.6
                                    Trade payables          FLAAC         AC           102.9         102.9
                                    Liabilities to other investees and   FLAAC   AC    0.4           0.4
                                    Liabilities to affiliates   FLAAC     AC           18.8          18.8
                                    Derivative financial instruments   FLHFT   FVtPL   28.3          28.3
                                    relating to energy

                                      AC … amortised cost                  FLHFT … financial liabilities held for trading
                                      FAAC … financial assets at cost      FVtOCI … fair value through other comprehensive income
                                      FAAFS … financial assets available for sale   FVtPL … fair value through profit or loss
                                      FAHFT … financial assets held for trading   HTM … held to maturity
                                      FLAAC … financial liabilities at amortised cost   LAR … loans and receivables

                                      * Most of the (amortised) cost previously listed under this item was allocated to the entities accounted for using the equity method and added to the
                                      corresponding measurement (see also the explanation after the table). For each immaterial investment still remaining under this item, an assumption is
                                      made that their acquisition cost is an appropriate representation of fair value (see IFRS 9.B5.2.3).
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