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Each year, KELAG’s safety officer prepares a report on work-
           One of KELAG’s responsibilities as a business is to enhance   related accidents. In 2018, the current development of the
           the  principle  of  sustainability  internally.  In  order  to   LTIF  (Lost  time  injury  frequency)  indicator  is  within  the
           familiarise employees and managers with forward-looking   range of the targets set to halve this figure every five years.
           topics, introduce new ways of thinking and open up new   In the spirit of enhancing the culture of safety throughout
           perspectives,  the  KELAG  think  tank  was  designed  in  the   the  Group,  a  follow-up  to  the  “time  for  safety”  project is
           company  and  implemented  as  a  discussion  platform  for   planned for 2019 in the form of workshops. The aim is to
           sociopolitical  topics  on  KELAG’s  radar.  In  2018,  KELAG   establish and enhance the project over the long term and
           extended an invitation to Jeong Hong Oh on the topic of   thus continue to reduce the number of accidents.
           “Innovation  is  a  culture,  not  a  business  unit”.  The    GRI 403-1, 403-2
           representative  of  the  Berlin-based  innovation  company
           Dark Horse GmbH addressed the topics of innovation and
           innovation culture in the context of “design thinking”.
                                                         Comprehensive  personnel  management  ensures  the
             GRI 103-1, 103-2, 404-2
                                                         systematic,   requirements-based   development   of
                                                         employees  and  guarantees  constant  training.  Equal
                                                         opportunity risks are minimised through guidance from the
           The  company  sees  it  as  one  of  its  tasks  to  support  its
                                                         group-wide  code  of  conduct  and  the  deployment  of
           employees  through  healthcare  promotion,  to  prevent
                                                         compliance officers. The introduction of an all-embracing
           illnesses and to improve and maintain their wellbeing at the
                                                         health concept contributes to promoting employee health
           workplace  in  the  long  term.  As  part  of  the  occupational
                                                         as well as the protection of employees.
           healthcare promotion project, a central point of attention
                                                            GRI 103-3
           in  internal  communication  media  in  2018  was  given  to
           raising  awareness  on  the  topic  of  staying  healthy.  In
           addition,  employees  were  offered  occupational  medical
             GRI 103-1, 103-2, 403-2

           The health and safety of its employees is of great concern   KELAG  is  aware  of  its  social  role  and  of  its  responsibility
           for KELAG. It takes its responsibility of providing health and   towards  customers  and  business  partners  as  well  as
           occupational  safety  for  its  employees  very  seriously.  All   shareholders and employees. It is therefore committed to a
           measures necessary for the protection of human life, health   set  of  clear  principles  that  define  how  it  conducts  its
           and integrity and dignity, including the prevention of work-  business and societal actions.
           related health hazards as well as the provision of a suitable
           organisation, are taken. Measures for establishing universal
                                                         Since 2012, KELAG has supported the UN Global Compact.
           safety standards within the Group were pursued further in
                                                         This requires companies to embrace, support and enact a
           2018. The culture of safety was promoted further through
                                                         set  of  core  values  in  the  areas  of  human  rights,  labour
           activities such as workshops and seminars. The focus was
                                                         standards,  environmental  protection  and  anti-corruption
           not only placed on accident statistics, but also primarily on
                                                         within their sphere of influence. Businesses supporting this
           increasing the safety awareness of every single employee.
                                                         are committed to making the following principles of the UN
              GRI 103-1, 103-2, 403-1
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