Page 157 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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development with the highest quality standards. In total,   With a quota of around  10%, training to secure the next
                    1,347 group employees participated in 3,370 training days   generation  of  skilled  employees  has  traditionally  been  a
                    in 2018.                                      high priority. Around 1,700 trainees have received qualified
                                                                  training since 1957 and thus a good foundation for their
                                                                  continued professional success.

                                                                    GRI 404-2

                                                                  Balancing work and family life is an important component
                                                                  of  future-orientated  and  modern  human  resources

                                                                  management. For this reason, the family leave bonus – the
                      GRI 404-1                                   so-called “papa month” for employed persons – is offered
                                                                  and several employees have made use of their entitlement
                                                                  to it. The family leave bonus is a cash benefit for employed
                                                                  fathers  who  wish  to  devote  the  period  immediately
                    In a fair and open annual employee performance review,
                                                                  following the birth of the child exclusively to their family
                    feedback on the employee’s performance is given, focusing
                                                                  and who take time off work during this period. Seventeen
                    on promoting achievement potential as well as a plan for
                                                                  women and eight men made use of their entitlement to
                    employee development. Individual skill assessments as well
                                                                  parental  leave  in  the  financial  year  2018.  Six  employees
                    as  the  targeted  development  of  high  potentials  are  also
                                                                  made use of their entitlement to the family leave bonus.
                    implemented as part of the talent management process.
                                                                   GRI 401-3
                    In  addition,  further  training  needs  are  assessed  in  all
                    departments  of  the  company  on  an  ongoing  basis  and
                    targeted development measures are implemented based
                    on these assessments.                         KELAG enjoys a high level of employee loyalty. Employee
                                                                  turnover in the reporting year was around 7.1%. This figure
                      GRI 404-3
                                                                  represents  that  proportion  of  employees  (including
                                                                  trainees with a fixed-term employment contract as required
                                                                  by law) that left the Group during the reporting period and
                    In 2018, particular attention was paid to building up digital   also includes those employees who left the company due
                    competencies. As part of a digital trainee programme, six   to retirement or special phased retirement (“Altersteilzeit”)
                    digital  trainees  work  in  collaboration  on  a  project  in   schemes.
                    specialist  departments  on  topics  such  as  artificial   GRI 401-1
                    intelligence,  deep  learning,  robotics  and  Big  Data.  The
                    digital  trainees  are  provided  support  in  the  form  of
                    measures  for  targeted  development  as  well  as  for
                    knowledge transfer.

                    Mentoring  is  implemented  in  the  handover  process  to
                    ensure the transfer of knowledge from exiting employees
                    to the employees succeeding them.
                     GRI 103-1, 103-3, 404-2
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